Emails From A Couple Of Broken Down Old Ex Firefighters

14 Jun

This is the kind of thing you see a lot of old folks talking about these days.  We read the blogs and the articles and watch the TV machine pundits bloviate endlessly about the plight of the old and poor and the simple fact is that very few of them know a damned thing about what it’s like to to actually BE old and poor in a country in which the elderly poor  have come to be looked upon as a burden and a drag on the economy.  To them, even to the well meaning ones, we’re little more than just another set of ciphers in some damned spreadsheet or statistics in a flipping poll.  Virtually none of them have ever had to actually walk the walk.

I had just filled My friend and comrade in arms through I don’t know how many hundreds of alarms ____ in on the boondoggle I’d gotten myself into with the rent on my little old subsidized senior citizen apartment (along with my new found interest in various ramen noodle recipes) and he was finding the whole thing a tad bit unbelievable.

On 6/14/2012 12:29, ____ _______ wrote:

Why on earth is HUD doubling your rent!!!?? How can they justify that? Doubling your rent on your income is a no brainer in the fact they or anyone with 1/4 of a brain would know you couldn’t survive!? I hate this government!

Redacted purely personal info

I hate our government Tom. I just son’t see how you do it and make it? I’m better off than you and I’m about to drown! I got out and voted in the June Primary even though most of it was local cap, but it too needed addressing. Maybe when all this is done and over with I can help you out some now and then if you need it. You’ve helped me over the years.

My reply:

Well actually ____, it’s not HUD’s fault when you get right down to it.  Mine more than anyone’s I guess.  What happens is your rent is one third of your adjusted annual income figured on a yearly basis.  That didn’t change.  What DID change was last year I leased property to Chesapeake Energy for $5000.  Then I leased a piece to Rockford EP for four thousand.

You see what happened?  My annual income had effectively doubled on those two transactions alone so now I’m paying one third of twice as much.  I didn’t worry about it much because Rockford had a producing well and was sending me a nice little check every month and I figured that check  and canceling my cable TV would just about cover the rent increase leaving me at least no worse off than I was before for the year the increase would be in effect.

Then Chesapeake… who had never sent a royalty check on the part I had leased them directly… turned around bought Rockford out and immediately stopped sending checks on that piece too. We’re still trying to find out what the hell is up with that since they admit the well is still on line and producing but whatever the case, I was back to the same old income but with twice the rent to pay.

Anyway, to sum it up… the rent increase was based on a single year’s income increase and THEN the money I was counting on to pay the extra rent was cut off.  So don’t yell too loud about HUD… without them, people like me would be in a hell of a  WORSE mess. I still can’t understand why the Republicans and the Tea Party haven’t gone after the HUD program like they’ve gone after everything else that does any good for the common people… maybe they just haven’t gotten around to them yet, since their sole objective for this year of course, is to get the black guy out of the White House.

I’m sure someone will take notice of HUD eventually, especially if Romney wins.  If that happens, I have no doubt I’ll be in the street by the end of his first year in office because he doesn’t think the rest of us need firefighters cops or teachers, let alone rent subsidies for old people who don’t make him some bucks on his stock portfolio.   I’m not Obama’s biggest fan by any means but as far as I’m concerned, a vote for Romney would be a vote to cut my own throat even worse than it’s already been cut.

As it stands now, I’m gonna have to struggle like hell for the next year and then the rent will go back to normal because my income will be adjusted back to normal.  Even if I’m getting the small monthly checks like before they won’t raise my rent more than $10 or so a month.  In the meantime, I’m going to go ahead and apply for my little $40 worth of food stamps and maybe sign up at the food bank… whatever I need to do to get through the next 11 months.  Mr. Conservative, Jerry Brown has already cut or gutted most of the state programs that might have helped out (and people are still calling him a liberal… Governor Moonbeam, my ass.  I can’t help but laugh when conservatives try to tell me that Liberals cut social safety nets.  If they cut social safety nets then they aren’t Liberal, by simple definition).  Life sucks when you’re old and live in California, ____.

As for the help, hopefully none will be needed but I certainly appreciate the thought.  I’ll get through this one too, just like I’ve gotten through every other shitty thing that’s ever happened in my life and I’ll have learned to trust big business and their conservative lap dogs  even less than I did before.

What’s frustrating to me is when someone hears of my problem, hasn’t got a clue as to the actual cause of it but can’t resist starting with the “Yeah, that’s what Obama does to people, blah blah blah routine”.  Not one ounce of what I’m going through has a damned thing to do with Obama, and 90% of anything not directly my own fault can be laid at the feet of the fracking conservatives who have cut, gutted or made useless every goddamned social program there was in place so shit like this wouldn’t happen to people like me.

And all of it just so… like my ex son in law Darrell says… people like him can KEEP what THEY make instead of “the welfare queens and non-producers getting it all”.  And also of course, so we don’t have to raise taxes on the billionaires who have become billionaires by sucking the rest of us dry.

So again, this is the kind of thing you’ll find a lot of us oldsters talking about these days. Those of you who blog, write and tweet on our behalf will always have our everlasting thanks and appreciation for all that you do.  But I would suggest to you that if you have a relative or a friend or even a friend of a friend who may, through no fault of their own, find themselves being looked at as some kind of burden or societal anchor, maybe you could make an effort get to know this person.  I’m pretty sure you could come up with an insight or two you might not have thought much about before and at least you’d be writing from firsthand knowledge instead of simply what you read in some dry government report on some bland, boring web site.  I know that in many cases, you’d be doing that senior a world of good.

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