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13 Jun

Another message of enlightenment from the mailbox of the only Independent in his crowd. (My email client puts the most recent message first so start at the bottom and read up.)

Would you have thought it was clever if it had been about a white Republican president?  And as far as I’m concerned, that’s the whole problem with our political system today.  It doesn’t make any difference if it’s Obama or not but this blind unyielding hate for one man… so intense that you would make a statement like “I would vote for anyone running against Obama.”, is damned scary to me  Too damned many people will be voting AGAINST someone and not FOR someone and I simply do not understand people who hate someone so much that they don’t care WHAT happens to the country, they just want him out of the  White House.

You don’t give a damn what Romney and his Wall Street banker friends have done and will do to this country, you just want that horrible black man out of office.  Were you like this when Clinton was president?  He was a conservative Democrat just like Obama… did you have this unremitting hate for him too?  Hell no.  I was a Republican when Clinton was in office and I didn’t like him but I don’t ever remember hating him with the intensity that you folks hate Obama and as far as I’m concerned the only difference between them is that Clinton was a southern white guy while Obama is an “uppity” Chicago black dude.

And while we’re being brutally honest here, I’d have a lot more respect for some of these emails if the people originating them just came out and said that’s what they’re so pissed about instead of just pulling crap out of their backsides about him being a Muslim or a Kenyan or eating dog or being a “liberal” or smoking pot.  Hell we all know that for the last four years, “liberal” is just the word you substitute when you’d much rather be using “nigger”.

Actually, Obama is a moderate/Conservative Democrat and we haven’t had a Liberal in the White House since Jimmy Carter and you know what?  Carter himself, who could more honestly have been called an actual Liberal, didn’t attract the hate and venom to himself that Obama does, probably because he again was southern and white. Clinton was another Democrat the Republicans spent the first four years trying to make him a one term president and the next four trying to impeach him (do we see a pattern developing here?) but they didn’t openly hate his very being the way you folks do with Obama and again, the only difference is that Clinton was a white southerner.

This country cannot survive on greed and hate and right now that’s about the only two things it’s running on.  The Republican party, through Senator Mitch McConnell (you do know who that is, being an informed voter and all, right?) stated on they day after the election that their only job for the next four years was making sure Obama was a one term president and THAT only if they couldn’t find something to impeach him for.

And by damn, that’s exactly what and all they’ve done.  My God, they even bitch and moan and complain about what the man eats or what kind of dog he got for his daughters or that he doesn’t wear his suit coat in the office.  They’ve hammered on his wife… actually one of the most gracious people to inhabit the White House since Jackie Kennedy.  Ann Coulter has even stated on your “fair and balanced” Fox News Channel that it’s time that his kids should be “targeted”.  (Wish to hell people would quit using that “target” analogy.  Look what happened to Gabby Giffords.)

Well that’s all good, kid.  As long as they can keep you focused on hating the black guy, you won’t notice that they’ve taken away your Medicaid, are working hard on getting your Medicare, trying their best to make Social Security part of their Walk Street Ponzi games, are taking away your public safety (fire, EMS), militarizing the friendly neighborhood cops against the low class rabble like you and I,  using people’s homes as poker chips in the great Wall Street poker game and… probably worst of all… gutting our children’s future by gutting what was arguably the best public education system in the world while all their kids go off  to private schools.  But hey, our kids don’t NEED to know any more than how to pull the levers or push the buttons that allow their bosses to keep making 823 times more than they do for doing nothing but sitting on his ass in a fancy office and pushing piles of (other people’s) money around.

Maybe you LIKE working your ass off for fifty years and  living at the bottom of the food chain and maybe you LIKE the idea that your kids and grandkids will never rise above the level of serfs or have any more than what you have right now and indeed, will probably have a whole lot less.  I don’t.

Mine is the first generation that didn’t leave their kids a better world than they themselves inherited and frankly, I feel guilty about that.  I left the Republican party solely because it was headed in that direction and  I chose not to be part of that.  You and your Tennessee football coach chose the other direction.  Just that simple and… as you said… we all still have the right to make our own choices in this country, at least for a while yet, although if the right wing gets its way that probably won’t be the case for much longer.  Me disagreeing with you does NOT in any way infringe on your right to have an opinion no matter how many times you bring up the first amendment or claim that racism or bigotry is only the exercising of free speech.

If something needs to go viral, I think it’s actually living our lives the way Jesus lived His and I’m currently reading the bible through for the third time and have yet to find anywhere in it where he hates anyone or tells someone else that they should hate anyone.  If I’m missing something, feel free to send me chapter and verse.  But then He wasn’t much into bigotry, was he?  I often wonder just what He would think of some of the things that are said and done in his name these days.  I’m guessing that if he ever does come again and preaches what he preached then, the right wing in this country will condemn him as a “Socialist” and run him out of town on a rail.

On 6/12/2012 19:59, _________ wrote:
What’s wrong with something going viral.  I just thought the song was pretty clever.  I think what our President does affects all of us directly.  Not that this song is going to change anything but I think there is a lot of truth to it and don’t think the coach should have been fired.  After all he was just exercising his freedom of speech.  I make no bones about the fact that I don’t like Obama.  I don’t like Romney but again I will vote for the lesser of two evils.  I would vote for anyone running against Obama.
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Sorry kid, I don’t hate anyone enough to want anything to go “viral”.  I’m one of those people that as long as it doesn’t affect me directly I don’t really get too shook up about how other people live their lives.
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my sister sent this to me  & I love it.  I  would certainly buy it & I do not understand why freedom of speech only works for gays & lesbans.  Why would a person be fired for writing a song.  Everybody is entitled to his  or her own opinion (however you spell it).

>>>>         From
>>>>         This is a great song.  I hope that you can hear it, but the words are there even if you can’t hear it.

Tennessee Football Coach fired  for making Obama song. He’ll make more money when this song  becomes a big hit than he would teaching  school.
Tennessee middle school assistant  football coach, age 26, fired for a song he wrote and  played!
This could be the next number one hit country song.  It’s the best effort yet at encapsulating the outrage at the  oversteps of this government in an entertaining song.
Apparently, the guy was fired over the song because some  parents complained. If you like it, help it go “viral” by  passing it along to everyone you know.
             Click for a Great  Song!!!

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