Mitt Pulls “FACTS” Out Of HIs Nether Regions

06 Jun

Mitt Romney is a serial liar. Most of us have known that since John McCain was considering him as a running mate, took one look at his financial and business records and went instead for Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin, mind you.

But I’m not sure that all of us are aware the extent to Which Mitt Romney will lie to get what he wants nor the lengths he’ll go to in order to smear anyone who stands in his way. Mitt Romney has become perhaps the country’s biggest practitioner of revisionism. If the facts don’t fit his agenda he’ll make you up a whole new set of facts right there on the spot that match his narrative du jour perfectly.

It’s easy for him since after all he’s playing to a Tea Party base for whom facts only get in the way of their purely emotion based hatred for one man. Anything that supports that visceral hate for a black man for holding the highest office in the land is not only acceptable to the far right, it’s immediately anointed as gospel, and indeed is often included in the quoting of scripture by bible thumping demagogues. “Jeebus peepul, who wants to be bothered by facts when there’s a n_____ in the White House”?

Mitt is nothing if not shrewd which simply means that he’s smart enough to realize that he doesn’t have to tell the truth to people who don’t want to hear the truth anyway. Lying has become almost a reflex action on his part by now but once in a while he pushes the envelope so hard someone has to call him on it. When that someone includes various business and financial organizations normally expected to support the right-wing agenda… like CNN Money, Forbes and once in a while even the WSJ, all but the most ignorant redneck has to kind of back up and say “WHOA!”

One example would be Romney’s simple outright lie about the Solyndra situation. You know the lie I mean… the one where he claimed that an independent inspector general had concluded that the Obama administration had steered federal loan proceeds to family and friends of campaign contributors? Turns out to have no relation whatsoever to the truth. Here’s a cut from Think Progress Climate Progress that spells it out.

CNN has two dynamite pieces on Solyndra, “Romney wrong on Solyndra facts” and “Seven things you should know about Solyndra.” The first one, by Steve Hargreaves of CNN Money, ends:

It’s one thing to spin something to one’s advantage. It’s another to simply make things up to make the other guy look bad. Romney’s Solyndra speech was an example of the latter. Disgraceful.

Hargreaves shows that Mitt Romney’s key claim — “An independent inspector general looked at this investment and concluded that the Administration had steered money to friends and family and campaign contributors” — has no basis in fact.

You need to read both of these articles in their entirety and you’ll begin to get an idea of the deftness with which Romney wields the lie as a weapon in this campaign. It rolls off his tongue as if on skids greased by long years of practice born of an unmistakeable disdain for the truth when that truth does not support the Romney agenda. This is quite simply a man who holds the working class in such contempt that he feels no compulsion to exercise even the most basic tenets of common decency when dealing with them. If you’re not of the 1%, you’re not at the table and to elaborate on a recent quote on Facebook, if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

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