Snopes Is “Too Liberal To Believe”

23 May

Thought I’d share this little email exchange between the lady who was my first big high school crush and myself because it points out what just could be the major fallibility in the American people that has allowed Wall Street to get away with what they’ve gotten away with for the last thirty years.  The whole thing is summed up in one sentence in one of her emails, and while I’m sure most of you would recognize it in a moment, I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting it for those that don’t. (It’s the orange one)

It starts off with her forwarding an email she had received from her cousin… who is also one of my friends from yesteryear… which concerned the latest “scare the old folks” rumor making the SPAM rounds lately about MediCare cutting off any major medical procedures for anyone over 75.  Apparently it had been started by a friend of his named Chris to whom he had sent his original scaremail.

Chris: After receiving your E-mail, thought I’d check into it a little more. Check what snopes says about this…. I like their ending better………..I thought you might find the following article from interesting:

Actually old Chris made an effort to confirm the rumor before buying into it totally blind and had the gall to say so only to meet with the same old double down with which the right counters even the slightest opposition to their many screeds.  My old buddy. opting for the condescending “me teacher, you grasshopper” approach this time, replied, “Chris, I don’t believe anything snopes puts out because a very very liberal couple are the editors of snopes.” which of course went out to his whole mailing list including the lady who sent it to me.  I usually don’t engage anyone who shows that degree narrow-mindedness and intolerance for the opinions of others  but for whatever reason, I decided to this time.

You may be thinking his gibberish about Snopes is the line referred to above but actually… for all its egregiousness… it’s not.  While this line goes far to illustrate the wanton ignorance and willful resistance to anything outside the speaker’s ken of right-wing only reference, it is only that, an illustration of what’s wrong with no reference made to why it’s wrong or how millions of Americans have come to have exactly that attitude.

So now, enter myself and the lady who, for reasons of her own, decided I needed to made privy to the conversation and forward his email to me, thereby adding to the ripple effect his words were intended to create but perhaps not in the manner he had hoped to do so.

ME: .Wow! Let me just do some deductive reasoning here… If the editors were conservative that means you’d believe EVERYTHING they put out?   😀

I actually meant that line for him, but forgot to cc: it so it wound up going only to her as a reply.  She replied back with the line, actually the paragraph… that totally neglects to answer my question but also explains why so many working class Republicans and especially working class Republican women can time after time continue to vote against their own best interests and return to power those who have relegated them to at best second class citizenship and in many cases not even that:

HER:  I tend to believe everything anyone tells me.  One of my many faults.  I am conservative and I happen to not believe in a lot of the issues the liberals believe but I also believe they have the right to believe what they want to believe.

And that’s it.  “I tend to believe everything anyone tells me.”  So simple, so… absolute.  I believe everything anyone tells me.  The problem with that is that the only ones you’re likely to hear telling you anything are the ones making the most noise and I don’t think there’s any question but that the 1%… through its ownership and control of most of the country’s sources of information… can make a LOT more noise than any of us can.

People like her are constantly bombarded with all kinds of 1%=good/99%=bad propaganda from the time they get up in the morning until they go to bed at night.  Fox News offers and/or endlessly regurgitate a steady diet of propaganda 24/7 and for millions, it’s their only diet when it comes to info.  Too lazy to go to the actual source and having been told that anyone who says anything that doesn’t jibe with this week’s GOP narrative is nothing but a damned “librul” who is trying to “hurt” the country.

This is why so many Americans can cheer the beatings of peaceful protestors and the pepper spraying of 7-year-old girls.  This is the reason so many of them have a lip lock on the Ryan budget and why they keep voting for people like Boner and the Turtle (I still say there’s a title for a hit cartoon series in there somewhere.)

ME:  Whoa up lady, I wasn’t picking on you.  But I’ve had SO many other people tell me they didn’t believe ANYTHING anybody said simply because their politics didn’t agree and I’m actually pretty amused by that.  It’s like people are saying, “Anyone who disagrees with me or says anything I don’t like is utterly incapable of telling the truth.”,  and since I often disagree with some of those same people, you might as well be calling ME a pathological liar and saying that every word out of my mouth is a lie.  It’s the sign of a very closed mind who bases their entire lives on extremist politics.  I even know people who stopped or would stop being my friend for simply saying that people who think everything is going to be wonderful once they get that bunch of uppity “liberal” black people out of the White house are in for a hell of a surprise.

As for hurting this country… there aren’t enough real “liberals” left in this country to blow out a match and they haven’t been a “threat” to anyone or anything for over thirty years.  If there are any left, they’re all too busy wailing against Obama and refusing to vote for him again because he hasn’t been liberal enough and are therefore are doing the Conservatives a favor by staying home on Election Day.

Under the old-time left/right rules, most Democrats these days are actually Center to right of center, while the right has become what would have then been the EXTREME right.  Fifty years ago, Obama would have been considered a conservative but of course even if we were to acknowledge him as such we’d still have to hate him for obvious reasons… because he’s a Democrat surely, and therefore automatically a “liberal” but also let’s face it for what it is… because he’s black which may not mean a lot to you but I guarantee you it makes a HELL of a difference to millions of other people.

People obviously can’t come right out and say they hate him because he’s black so they need another reason and sure enough, some Astroturf Wall Street Lackey of a politician is right there to supply the “Liberal” label as a substitute along with Muslim, Kenyan, Communist, Fascist, Non-American… the list goes on.  Any “trigger” word that will generate fear and hate in some segment of the population.

The problem is that lazy people tend to hang the label “liberal” on everybody who does or says something they don’t like… or who just so happens to be a black dude living in the White House… and very few of them have ever bothered to find out what the word means.  Just as today, I’m pretty sure all all y’all would be calling ME a liberal if I tossed my strongest political opinions… at least the ones I’m sure most of you would disagree with… onto Facebook as a slap in the face to those who thought differently than I do and pretty soon I’d be one of those filthy “libruls” who hates America and wants our “enemies” to “win”.

In the meantime, I quietly go on campaigning for our military and our veterans AFTER they’re of no more use to the Wall Street big shots and for the return of the manufacturing and other skilled jobs that Wall Street shipped to the only major Communist country left in the world because our working class didn’t want to live like third world slaves and thought they should get a living wage for a day’s work.  How DARE a working man have any say in what his labor should be worth, eh?

I also believe strongly that women are NOT property, nor are they second class citizens who don’t deserve equality with their male counterparts.  I believe in equal rights for ALL people and if laws are needed to address the concerns of any group of people, be it on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion AND sexual orientation, then we need to pass those laws.  All y’all can worry… if you feel you have any need to worry,  I don’t… about why they’re gay people after you finally admit that they’re people at all.

In fact, I’m probably more old school conservative than most because I’m still railing against the (REAL) Communists who are now the biggest business partners Wall Street has and has therefore already WON that “war”, but I’m not naive enough to think that whoever sits in the White House has any real control over the Wall Street agenda for this country, which I guarantee you is NOT a “Liberal” one nor is it what most “Conservatives” think it is.

We aren’t allowed to hate the Communists anymore because they own half our debt and make 90% percent of the cheap crap we’re forced to buy but dammit we have to hate somebody in order for the “agenda” to work.  So we hate “Liberals”… and of course for many, black people and brown people and people with different religions or beliefs and old people and sick people and public employees… it doesn’t matter who we hate just so long as we hate somebody so we’ll follow that agenda.

And in the meantime, those 400 families… remember when we were kids and used to talk about the “400s”?… just keep on getting richer and richer while you and I just keep on getting poorer and poorer.   If you’re OK with that, more power to you but I just wish I could have left my kids and their kids with a better world to live in.  Ours is the first generation that didn’t do that, you know but then all we have to do is blame it on the “Liberals” and we don’t have to accept any of the responsibility since being on the right means never being wrong… or lying.

Heh heh… one thing you can always count on with me… send me a simple E-mail and I’ll send you back a whole book.

I have a feeling that ended the email exchange, at least on this particular subject.  I get several of these chain letter things daily from old friends and usually the header is enough to tell me what it is and I don’t even bother to read them.  Almost wish I hadn’t this time.

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