Alas Cory, We Didn’t KNow You At All.

21 May

A few weeks ago Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, was the Darling of Twitter, the greatest thing since sliced bread, a Superman in a a suit and tie who could leap over buildings… or at least into them to rescue victims of a fire.  Today, he’s a schmuck.  Reviled heartily by those same Tweeters who so short a time ago were describing him as the second coming of… well…  Barack Obama.

His crime… he made some disparaging remarks in regard to the Democrat’s use of Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital to attack him as a “job destroyer” rather than a “job creator”, which Romney claims that he and everyone like him is.  At heart anyway.  By doing so, Mayor Booker bit the hands of just about everyone that had been feeding him except of course, for Bain Capital and some other big shot financial institutions, which, as it turns out, had bought and paid for Mr. Booker 12 years ago during his 2000 campaign when they blessed his shiny little dome with over a half million bucks in campaign contributions. (Note to self: One of these days I need to stop using the term “campaign contributions” and call it exactly what is is… bribery.)

Even before it became apparent that Mr. Booker was only delivering the merchandise for which he had already been paid, Twitsters who had openly and passionately loved him on Friday were already hating him just as openly and passionately by Sunday evening.  One thing I’ve learned from my little seat as an Independent is that nobody can turn on a politician faster than a group of Centrist Democrats.  Indeed, if you spent more than five minutes on Twitter today, it’s hard not to come away with the impression that there are as many, if not more, people pissed off by what they see as an attack on Mr. Obama himself than by any damage that might have been done to the Democratic agenda which brings up a question or two in regard to the “personality” cults that Americans seem to be unable to live without.

To someone who likes and respects Barack Obama and who wholeheartedly support’s his reelection but… possibly due in large part to the healthy dose of cynicism that comes naturally with age and having actually seen many of the things the youngsters running things today have only heard about… maybe isn’t as caught up in the whole cult thing that has built up around him in which the slightest criticism of anything he says or does is greeted with the same outrage with which Republicans respond to any criticism of Ronald Reagan… it can be almost funny.

Cults are strange animals, no matter how benign or even beneficial they might turn out to be over the long haul.  That’s why I’m going to stay just as far from the Cult of Obama as I do any of the rest of them while I do whatever I can to get the president reelected and the corporatists who have all but stolen our country safely run out of town on a rail.   Then you and I need to sit down and talk about which politicians have taken proportionately a lot more money from the financial sector in this country than Cory Booker ever thought about.   Not going to mention names right now but I’ll give you a clue… they aren’t all Republicans.

As for Mr. Booker… well he may have hung himself out to dry which could actually turn out to be a shame.  He seemed to have had a bright future as a Democratic politician, especially considering the Twitter mini-cult he already had going that could have in time rivaled that of PBO himself… until his debt was called in by Wall Street and he blew it all.  Hopefully we’ll reach a point where we can look at him as just another casualty in the war to keep the Wall Street leeches from sucking the life out of our country but for now His Honor is going to have to live with what he has wrought for himself.

Hopefully, other Democrats will come away with the knowledge that it takes a very smart man and a master politician to be a Democrat and  lie down with Wall Street bankers and CEOs and not get any on you.  There aren’t too many of those out there.

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