Flash! Rush Limbaugh Is Still Fat

15 May

Dammit, another day has come and almost gone and I’m still sitting here contemplating the cookie crumbs lodged in my keyboard and trying to come up with something to blog about.  Those of you who have not chosen to subject yourself to the daily almost universal rejection engendered in maintaining a blog are probably wondering what the big deal is and why, with the RW becoming more raucous, hateful, childish and reckless on a daily basis, there wouldn’t be a myriad of subjects upon which to pontificate and you’d be right.

The PROBLEM is that by the time I get around to actually putting my fingers on the home row, everything there is to be said about the day’s happenings has already been said.  For example(s), whatever the terms I would choose to couch it in, it would still boil down to:

1.  Romney is still a liar.  I know, hardly a big news flash, right?  The reason for pointing out all of Mitt’s lies and flips and flops is to establish exactly that fact; that he is a serial liar and not to be trusted in a position of power, especially the most powerful position in the world.  But we established that weeks ago and  I seriously doubt that there is not a thinking adult and probably few children under the age of ten who don’t already know that about Mittens, even among his supporters who know it but are OK with it.  This makes anything I could add today redundant… or superfluous.   Either of those words would do really but since I like using words that…  “confuse”… certain types, I’ll keep ’em both and count it a double.

2.  Romney is still an elitist asshole.  Yeah yeah, each of those two words beggars a paragraph of it’s own and Mittens has no problem epitomizing either but we do have space limitations here and it’s hard to be an elitist without being an asshole so I’m offering a twofer.  Just remember, while you don’t always have to be an elitist to be an asshole you pretty much have to be an asshole to be an elitist.  There are many other ways to be an asshole and I’m sure Mitt has many if not most of them covered so again, I would be remiss in once again restating the obvious.

3.  Romney is owned outright by the 1%.  Now… I had to think about that one a bit because technically he isn’t actually OWNED by the 1% but is indeed a major player IN the 1%.  If you were to run a survey to decide which elitist prick most epitomized the out and out soulless depravity of the 1% you would probably find Mitt’s picture cut and pasted between Dave and Chuck in any group portrait of the Koch Brothers at the top of your list.  Mitt may not have their money but he’s certainly got that certain something that allows him to rationalize away any consideration for other people as long as he’s making a buck and that’s exactly what it takes to be a preppy frat boy Republican pres.  Just ask W.

4.  Rush Limbaugh is still fat.  Sorry, that just sorta slipped in there but now that it’s out, it is actually a true fact just as it is that Rush is still a lot of things, none of them conducive to being granted membership in the human race.  One thing certain… if the world does end 12/21/12, the last thing we’ll see go spinning off into space is El Puerco, still ensconced at his EIB Golden Microphone and still squawking about the destruction of the earth being a non-event and just some vast left wing plot made up by the Liberals to discredit him in his truth telling.

There are dozens of other examples… hell Boner and McConnell are walking bullseyes and Paul Ryan is still scrabbling around underneath the barrel to see how low he can go but… it’s what they DO.  It’s what they ALWAYS do.  There’s nothing new under the sun about any of these people or the people who run the corporations they are owned by.

So sorry folks, I just seem to have run out of ideas for things to say that aren’t… let me see now, I need a word or two to piss of the rednecks some more… periphrastic and/or supererogatory.  (That should keep ’em busy for a while).  I’ll try harder folks, I promise.  The few of you who still bother to come to my humble little page deserve better.


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2 responses to “Flash! Rush Limbaugh Is Still Fat

  1. Cynthia Saunders

    May 16, 2012 at 05:25

    Dear Tom B……Just keep blogging. You never know how many people you reach/touch with your commentaries. Just because folks don’t leave comments (this is the first time I’ve done so) doesn’t mean they aren’t reading and valuing what you have to say. Actually, I did send a comment through They Gave Us a Republic, a site I visit daily, regarding a most observant article you wrote on the militarization of our local police departments, busily tearing into peaceful protestors of various ilks, while clad in black (usually) and loaded up with all manner of trendy tasers, etc. whilst true criminals engage in combat, with civilian fallout, at our local malls…..without fear of retribution. Keep blogging… is so rewarding to ready the commentary of a contemporary who is most definitely NOT a scared-but-furious wingnut!

    • Tom Bales

      May 16, 2012 at 08:30

      Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.


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