A Bully Is A Bully Mittens

10 May

When it comes to being a despicable excuse for a human being, they just don’t come a whole lot more despicable than Willard Mitt Romney. This man continues to amaze me at the shallowness of his character, the total lack of any moral or ethical connection to his fellow Americans… at least those not in his immediate little one percent circle… and his innate inability to empathize with anyone who didn’t inherit millions from their daddy and use it to flog those who don’t meet their particular standards for who is and who isn’t worthy of living on the planet with them.

I don’t know for certain that Mitt is the most elitist sonofabitch in the country but he IS the only elitist sonofabitch standing naked on the stage of public opinion and begging us to elect him as our anointed leader who is congenitally unable to stop acting like he is, even just long enough to campaign. His ego simply refuses to let him realize that virtually nobody else… not even his nominal supporters… thinks Mitt Romney is as great as Mitt Romney does and that he’s going to have to do a little more than put on a pair of $500 jeans and a $300 imitation work shirt for an hour or two’s worth of photo ops to actually convince people that he is. Indeed Mitt seems to be amazed that with him in the race anyone would even consider voting for anyone else and he also seems to be believing in and relying on the media’s portrayal of this election as some kind of horse race.

Let me tell you something Mitty… the media is taking that tack for the same reason they over hype everything else that passes under their little corporate noses… to sell advertising space. None of the big corporations is going to advertise to see a bunch of millionaire talking heads talk about the incumbent eating your lunch on every single issue. This has to be an “exciting” race for the corporate media to make the big bucks and they’ll do whatever they can to make it look close enough to be exciting. That’s one of the two main reasons you’re getting any coverage at all, the other being that they’ve been instructed to get the uppity black dude out of the White House through any means possible which includes trying to make you and that horrendously elitist family of yours into some hideous caricatures of ordinary middle class human beings.

Now that I have that out of my system let me say this. Bullying is NOT a harmless fucking prank Mitt. Of all the lunatic Marie Antoinette style phrases you and that equally out of touch and don’t want to BE in touch wife of yours could possibly come up with, that would be the last goddamned straw as far as a lot of people like me are concerned. Kids are killing themselves on an almost weekly basis over just such “harmless pranks” perpetrated by assholes with exactly your attitude. Entire families have been plunged into abject poverty through the means by which you chose to continue your bullying of people you consider somehow beneath you as you look down from that lofty position which you alone have claimed for yourself through some kind of divine entitlement.

The bullying incident shows that even in your teens you were already the Mitt Romney that we see today, standing there in his ever diminishing glory as the false skins are stripped from your carcass almost faster than you can put them on. You’re a phoney, Mitt and nobody likes a phoney. A little secret… even your Corporate cronies don’t like phonies, although they’ve proven time and again that they will always tolerate one if it furthers their agenda and let’s face facts here Mittens, phonies is all they have.

I have no empirical evidence as to why the Republican party chooses to run the most despicable human beings they can find for public office unless we assume that the Republican party has become nothing more than the dog being wagged by its extremist Tea Party tail… which most people do, of course. But whatever the case, the fact that you are their Great White Hope speaks volumes about the state of conservatism in this country today just as this little anecdote from your youth tells us that you didn’t just pretend to be a bullying asshole to get the nomination, but that you have always been one. At least since your high school days.

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