I Broke Twitter

05 May

OK, it wasn’t broken, just over capacity but it went down just as I hit the submit button on this real cool tweet about Chuck Todd and his meaningless mewling about the number of empty seats at the Obama rally in Ohio so I’ll accept the responsibility.

It’s important that we understand that people like Chuck Todd aren’t journalists.  They’re just simple minded corporate tools and their job is to either advance the corporatist agenda directly by fawning over Mittens or to do so by throwing dirt at the “other guys” and this was just Chuckie’s feeble little effort to throw dirt.  Remember when you were little and you went to the zoo and got too close to the baboon cage?  That was one of Chuckie’s ancestors.  It’s not Media Asshat of the Week material but it’s typical so don’t get yer bloomers all inflated over it.

One weirdo was spouting about 14k people not amounting to much so twitters swamped the system with pics of the crowds at some of Mittens’ rallies… should take care of that little meme.  Won’t, of course but it should and would if the Rs weren’t so damned desperate to counter the fact that PBO is simply smarter, more inspirational  and a ton more charismatic than the little plastic guy locked behind Mitt’s zipper. (Hey it was Mrs. “I never worked because I never had to” that started it, not me.)  On the other hand, one guy even went so far as to claim that after today Ohio was Obama country.  Overconfidence… especially in the face of the right wing propaganda media machine… can bite you in the ass too.  Told him they need to dump Boner and then get back to us.  THEN he can claim Ohio as Obama country.

The one thing that is almost universally acknowledged is the fact that Mitt is damnably outclassed in the speaking department I don’t care how many zippers Annie pulls down.  He could stand on a stage in front of one of his audiences of… dozens?… and read the exact same speech that President Obama just gave and half his audience would be asleep in about a minute and a half.  I wouldn’t say that Mitt Romney is about a dull a speaker as has ever stepped up to a podium but… oh hell, yes I would too.  What else CAN you say?  It’s hard to put any conviction behind “I’m for the middle class” or similar rhetoric when you know in your mind that it’s a damned lie.

Having run out of stuff to blame Obama for and with most of it having been refuted by the simple expediency of looking up the actual facts and figures at the source, Mitt has resorted to that final ploy of all wingers who find themselves in an indefensible position… he just makes up stuff that never happened and blames the President for it.

This is a variation of a tactic cribbed directly from the GOP’s  Debate 101 primer… If you can’t demonize an opponent for saying A, claim he’s really thinking B and then demonize him for that.  And of course, if that doesn’t work, just call him a “lefty” or a “lib” and stalk off.  Used to happen to me daily on the old labor forums in the 90s.

But all in all, POTUS kicked off his reelection campaign in Boner’s home state on a high note and with considerable success, no matter how hard the right wing media and talking heads try to downplay it.  The fact that they’re trying so desperately TO downplay it is ample proof of what I just said.  If they weren’t scared spitless they wouldn’t be that desperate now, would they?

Now it’s off to Virginia where we can hope for the same kind of support we saw today and that we hope to see every day until Election Day because believe me people, no matter what you might be thinking about Barack Obama, the last thing you want is some Homo Simulacrum programmed by the Wall Street bankers sitting in the White House.  If you hate Obama bad enough to sell the rest of the country out that way, then be prepared for the consequences and for damned sure don’t come crying to me afterward because all you’re going to hear is a snarky “I told you so.” and a hearty “Now %$#@ off!”.


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2 responses to “I Broke Twitter

  1. Chief

    May 5, 2012 at 19:23

    Do you have a link to Chuckie Todd’s statements from the Obama Rally in Columbus? I was at the rally and saw him talking into a camera, but have no idea what he said.


  2. Tom Bales

    May 5, 2012 at 19:48

    Afraid not. It (the rally) was being tweeted by several people at once and someone apparently saw and heard it on TV. If I can find an actual link I’ll get it to you.


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