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The Worm’s Eye View

Disclaimer: The Worm’s Eye View is not written in order to garner sympathy or troll for concern for my “plight”. As far as that goes, I am far better off than millions of others and could probably just get along fine if we could freeze the situation today and stop people from making it worse. I have a roof over my head and something to eat every day (knock on wood). At his point I can still afford the copays on the numerous meds they’re using to keep me alive. I finally have a decent primary physician after five years of a public health clinic doctor who damned near killed me over the course of the four years I was under his care and I’m finally getting medical care again. This isn’t the case for far too many like me who have less than I do but still face same the specter I do, that of having what little they have taken from them by radically right wing politicians in both the Republican AND Democratic parties.

I took a step today… a step that I should have taken more than two and a half years ago when President Obama was elected because I knew that eventually it would come to this. I knew that the volcano of bitter hatred that had simmered just beneath the surface for the past fifty years was way overdue for an eruption and I knew that the election of our first black president… or had Hillary gotten the nomination and won, our first woman president… was all it was going to take to create an explosion of hate, racism, sexism and just downright unfocused bigotry that would rival any explosion in history, man-made or natural.

Well, obviously I wasn’t wrong, was I? The veritable shitstorm of hate for Mr. Obama… NOT Obama the politician, NOT Obama the candidate but for Obama the man himself… didn’t even wait for him to be nominated and only doubled down when he did, finally reaching a deafening crescendo on election day, 2008, which has not only not abated abated in the slightest but has actually increased in intensity as we wind down this election cycle. Which brings me to the actual subject or subjects of today’s rant, which for want of a better (or shorter) title I’ll refer to as “Can Liberty Survive In A Country With Hatred And Bigotry As The Foundation Of Its Political System“?.

Part of the fallout from all this is that I’ve decided to suspend my Facebook account which has, for all practical purposes, been my only contact with my family and old friends for the past several years.

“Oh wow!”, I can hear some of you saying, “What’s the big deal about removing yourself from Facebook?”. The big deal about leaving Facebook is that I’m housebound by various physical and health problems. I don’t drive anymore because of blackouts, I can’t get more than 25 feet from my O2 Concentrator or my nebulizer, have had several heart attacks, the most recent being this past February and because my knees, hips and two of my lower vertebrae are basically masses of gravel from decades of working on my feet, most of it on terrain and under circumstances that wise people know to avoid.

Facebook was my contact point with members of a far flung family and with people I love and care about but haven’t seen in 30 years or more and will almost surely never see again, virtually my ONLY contact with these people.

But this really isn’t about Facebook. It’s about people who have to make their views known in just as nasty, hateful and disrespectful a manner as possible in order to “shoot down” opposing viewpoints or heap scorn and disrespect on others for nothing other than failure to follow the established line. I know how it works. When I put my mind to it, I can be as nasty and hateful as anyone else and actually used to be known for my sarcastic wit… well OK, for the sarcastic part anyway, if not the wit. I’ve launched my share of broadsides at people on my right AND on my left although I have to admit there’s been far more launched at the right this past couple of years because they are the ones who have decided that it’s more important to get a single man out of the White House than it is to govern the country.

But I try to back those broadsides up with at least a few facts and figures or at least links TO those facts and figures that actually support what I’m saying. In other words, I strive to avoid the purely emotional or visceral response to any situation. Do I always succeed? Hell no because I’m just a simple human being, not a god (or someone who claims to speak for one), but I think I succeed to the point that I can claim it as my standard MOS and at least I try to provide some means by which to verify what it is I’m actually saying.

Now the basic “conservative” equation appears to revolve around a few simple rules that state a) that a liberal is pathologically incapable of telling the truth and b) that anyone who deviates from the line set down by Fox News pundits and Rush Limbaugh is indeed a a liberal and therefore a pathological liar… and also c) that said liberals are nothing but whiny little crybabies that only need to do some boot strap yanking and man up like their more “conservative” brethren have.

What this means to me is that in the opinion of most of the people in the “new” conservative movement, anyone who attempts to remain outside the collective or in any way deviate from the Limbaugh Manifesto, is either a liar, a crybaby or both.  Since, I happen to be a person who thinks Limbaugh is nothing but a poisonous venom spewing sweathog and who wants to remain as fast as possible from any form of assimilation and has therefore actively shunned the collective, it becomes obvious that I would therefore be adjudged a “Liberal” by it’s leading lights.

I’m not a person who takes being called a liar and a crybaby lightly, no matter how cute the little ways you find to do it.  I don’t like it when someone does it to my face (even though it’s far more honest when you do it that way) and I don’t like it when you do it in a cutesy little Facebook post and then come back with “Oh, it’s only humor” when I question whether or not there is any empirical evidence to support your opinion.  Call me thin skinned, accuse me of getting “butt hurt” but don’t assign me to a category and then post nasty snide remarks about that category and expect me not to react to it.

Others may live in a period when the person(s) offering the offense gets to define offensiveness, the bigot gets to define bigotry and the racists get to define racism and so on.  Others may live in a world where rude, nasty, snide attacks, quite often consisting of assaults on one’s patriotism and love for his or her country are leveled routinely at entire groups of people for the heinous crime of simply not believing the “right” thing.

I don’t.  I try very hard not to lump people together into little groups so I can insult or demonize them collectively because it’s so much easier to hate groups or categories of people than it is to look the object of your hate or anger in the eye and express it to his/her face.  Again, I don’t always succeed.  There are times when in the course of responding to something I deem sufficiently egregious I will definitely respond in exactly that manner but you have never seen me hang something insulting… something deliberately designed to provoke a response… and then go all “Well, you just have to blah blah blah…” when the response has been provoked.

The last thing I glean from it… that’s kind of disconnected, actually… is that I don’t belong in today’s information world where simply checking someone’s Facebook status now and again is pretty much the limit to which most of us seem willing to go to maintain a relationship with someone, be it family or old and dear friends.  It’s cold and it’s impersonal and in the bigger view it makes it too damned easy to do our group hating thing without having to deal personally with the hurt (or “butthurt” as the case may be) we might be serving up to others.

When you use a shotgun approach and make huge sweeping generalizations such as all “liberals” are this or that… especially when you’ve spent years establishing that a liberal is basically anyone not just like you… you tend to hit all kinds of people that… given that very few Conservatives these days even know what actual definition of Liberalism is… may not be your actual targets.


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Snopes Is “Too Liberal To Believe”

Thought I’d share this little email exchange between the lady who was my first big high school crush and myself because it points out what just could be the major fallibility in the American people that has allowed Wall Street to get away with what they’ve gotten away with for the last thirty years.  The whole thing is summed up in one sentence in one of her emails, and while I’m sure most of you would recognize it in a moment, I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting it for those that don’t. (It’s the orange one)

It starts off with her forwarding an email she had received from her cousin… who is also one of my friends from yesteryear… which concerned the latest “scare the old folks” rumor making the SPAM rounds lately about MediCare cutting off any major medical procedures for anyone over 75.  Apparently it had been started by a friend of his named Chris to whom he had sent his original scaremail.

Chris: After receiving your E-mail, thought I’d check into it a little more. Check what snopes says about this…. I like their ending better………..I thought you might find the following article from interesting:

Actually old Chris made an effort to confirm the rumor before buying into it totally blind and had the gall to say so only to meet with the same old double down with which the right counters even the slightest opposition to their many screeds.  My old buddy. opting for the condescending “me teacher, you grasshopper” approach this time, replied, “Chris, I don’t believe anything snopes puts out because a very very liberal couple are the editors of snopes.” which of course went out to his whole mailing list including the lady who sent it to me.  I usually don’t engage anyone who shows that degree narrow-mindedness and intolerance for the opinions of others  but for whatever reason, I decided to this time.

You may be thinking his gibberish about Snopes is the line referred to above but actually… for all its egregiousness… it’s not.  While this line goes far to illustrate the wanton ignorance and willful resistance to anything outside the speaker’s ken of right-wing only reference, it is only that, an illustration of what’s wrong with no reference made to why it’s wrong or how millions of Americans have come to have exactly that attitude.

So now, enter myself and the lady who, for reasons of her own, decided I needed to made privy to the conversation and forward his email to me, thereby adding to the ripple effect his words were intended to create but perhaps not in the manner he had hoped to do so.

ME: .Wow! Let me just do some deductive reasoning here… If the editors were conservative that means you’d believe EVERYTHING they put out?   😀

I actually meant that line for him, but forgot to cc: it so it wound up going only to her as a reply.  She replied back with the line, actually the paragraph… that totally neglects to answer my question but also explains why so many working class Republicans and especially working class Republican women can time after time continue to vote against their own best interests and return to power those who have relegated them to at best second class citizenship and in many cases not even that:

HER:  I tend to believe everything anyone tells me.  One of my many faults.  I am conservative and I happen to not believe in a lot of the issues the liberals believe but I also believe they have the right to believe what they want to believe.

And that’s it.  “I tend to believe everything anyone tells me.”  So simple, so… absolute.  I believe everything anyone tells me.  The problem with that is that the only ones you’re likely to hear telling you anything are the ones making the most noise and I don’t think there’s any question but that the 1%… through its ownership and control of most of the country’s sources of information… can make a LOT more noise than any of us can.

People like her are constantly bombarded with all kinds of 1%=good/99%=bad propaganda from the time they get up in the morning until they go to bed at night.  Fox News offers and/or endlessly regurgitate a steady diet of propaganda 24/7 and for millions, it’s their only diet when it comes to info.  Too lazy to go to the actual source and having been told that anyone who says anything that doesn’t jibe with this week’s GOP narrative is nothing but a damned “librul” who is trying to “hurt” the country.

This is why so many Americans can cheer the beatings of peaceful protestors and the pepper spraying of 7-year-old girls.  This is the reason so many of them have a lip lock on the Ryan budget and why they keep voting for people like Boner and the Turtle (I still say there’s a title for a hit cartoon series in there somewhere.)

ME:  Whoa up lady, I wasn’t picking on you.  But I’ve had SO many other people tell me they didn’t believe ANYTHING anybody said simply because their politics didn’t agree and I’m actually pretty amused by that.  It’s like people are saying, “Anyone who disagrees with me or says anything I don’t like is utterly incapable of telling the truth.”,  and since I often disagree with some of those same people, you might as well be calling ME a pathological liar and saying that every word out of my mouth is a lie.  It’s the sign of a very closed mind who bases their entire lives on extremist politics.  I even know people who stopped or would stop being my friend for simply saying that people who think everything is going to be wonderful once they get that bunch of uppity “liberal” black people out of the White house are in for a hell of a surprise.

As for hurting this country… there aren’t enough real “liberals” left in this country to blow out a match and they haven’t been a “threat” to anyone or anything for over thirty years.  If there are any left, they’re all too busy wailing against Obama and refusing to vote for him again because he hasn’t been liberal enough and are therefore are doing the Conservatives a favor by staying home on Election Day.

Under the old-time left/right rules, most Democrats these days are actually Center to right of center, while the right has become what would have then been the EXTREME right.  Fifty years ago, Obama would have been considered a conservative but of course even if we were to acknowledge him as such we’d still have to hate him for obvious reasons… because he’s a Democrat surely, and therefore automatically a “liberal” but also let’s face it for what it is… because he’s black which may not mean a lot to you but I guarantee you it makes a HELL of a difference to millions of other people.

People obviously can’t come right out and say they hate him because he’s black so they need another reason and sure enough, some Astroturf Wall Street Lackey of a politician is right there to supply the “Liberal” label as a substitute along with Muslim, Kenyan, Communist, Fascist, Non-American… the list goes on.  Any “trigger” word that will generate fear and hate in some segment of the population.

The problem is that lazy people tend to hang the label “liberal” on everybody who does or says something they don’t like… or who just so happens to be a black dude living in the White House… and very few of them have ever bothered to find out what the word means.  Just as today, I’m pretty sure all all y’all would be calling ME a liberal if I tossed my strongest political opinions… at least the ones I’m sure most of you would disagree with… onto Facebook as a slap in the face to those who thought differently than I do and pretty soon I’d be one of those filthy “libruls” who hates America and wants our “enemies” to “win”.

In the meantime, I quietly go on campaigning for our military and our veterans AFTER they’re of no more use to the Wall Street big shots and for the return of the manufacturing and other skilled jobs that Wall Street shipped to the only major Communist country left in the world because our working class didn’t want to live like third world slaves and thought they should get a living wage for a day’s work.  How DARE a working man have any say in what his labor should be worth, eh?

I also believe strongly that women are NOT property, nor are they second class citizens who don’t deserve equality with their male counterparts.  I believe in equal rights for ALL people and if laws are needed to address the concerns of any group of people, be it on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion AND sexual orientation, then we need to pass those laws.  All y’all can worry… if you feel you have any need to worry,  I don’t… about why they’re gay people after you finally admit that they’re people at all.

In fact, I’m probably more old school conservative than most because I’m still railing against the (REAL) Communists who are now the biggest business partners Wall Street has and has therefore already WON that “war”, but I’m not naive enough to think that whoever sits in the White House has any real control over the Wall Street agenda for this country, which I guarantee you is NOT a “Liberal” one nor is it what most “Conservatives” think it is.

We aren’t allowed to hate the Communists anymore because they own half our debt and make 90% percent of the cheap crap we’re forced to buy but dammit we have to hate somebody in order for the “agenda” to work.  So we hate “Liberals”… and of course for many, black people and brown people and people with different religions or beliefs and old people and sick people and public employees… it doesn’t matter who we hate just so long as we hate somebody so we’ll follow that agenda.

And in the meantime, those 400 families… remember when we were kids and used to talk about the “400s”?… just keep on getting richer and richer while you and I just keep on getting poorer and poorer.   If you’re OK with that, more power to you but I just wish I could have left my kids and their kids with a better world to live in.  Ours is the first generation that didn’t do that, you know but then all we have to do is blame it on the “Liberals” and we don’t have to accept any of the responsibility since being on the right means never being wrong… or lying.

Heh heh… one thing you can always count on with me… send me a simple E-mail and I’ll send you back a whole book.

I have a feeling that ended the email exchange, at least on this particular subject.  I get several of these chain letter things daily from old friends and usually the header is enough to tell me what it is and I don’t even bother to read them.  Almost wish I hadn’t this time.

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Alas Cory, We Didn’t KNow You At All.

A few weeks ago Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, was the Darling of Twitter, the greatest thing since sliced bread, a Superman in a a suit and tie who could leap over buildings… or at least into them to rescue victims of a fire.  Today, he’s a schmuck.  Reviled heartily by those same Tweeters who so short a time ago were describing him as the second coming of… well…  Barack Obama.

His crime… he made some disparaging remarks in regard to the Democrat’s use of Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital to attack him as a “job destroyer” rather than a “job creator”, which Romney claims that he and everyone like him is.  At heart anyway.  By doing so, Mayor Booker bit the hands of just about everyone that had been feeding him except of course, for Bain Capital and some other big shot financial institutions, which, as it turns out, had bought and paid for Mr. Booker 12 years ago during his 2000 campaign when they blessed his shiny little dome with over a half million bucks in campaign contributions. (Note to self: One of these days I need to stop using the term “campaign contributions” and call it exactly what is is… bribery.)

Even before it became apparent that Mr. Booker was only delivering the merchandise for which he had already been paid, Twitsters who had openly and passionately loved him on Friday were already hating him just as openly and passionately by Sunday evening.  One thing I’ve learned from my little seat as an Independent is that nobody can turn on a politician faster than a group of Centrist Democrats.  Indeed, if you spent more than five minutes on Twitter today, it’s hard not to come away with the impression that there are as many, if not more, people pissed off by what they see as an attack on Mr. Obama himself than by any damage that might have been done to the Democratic agenda which brings up a question or two in regard to the “personality” cults that Americans seem to be unable to live without.

To someone who likes and respects Barack Obama and who wholeheartedly support’s his reelection but… possibly due in large part to the healthy dose of cynicism that comes naturally with age and having actually seen many of the things the youngsters running things today have only heard about… maybe isn’t as caught up in the whole cult thing that has built up around him in which the slightest criticism of anything he says or does is greeted with the same outrage with which Republicans respond to any criticism of Ronald Reagan… it can be almost funny.

Cults are strange animals, no matter how benign or even beneficial they might turn out to be over the long haul.  That’s why I’m going to stay just as far from the Cult of Obama as I do any of the rest of them while I do whatever I can to get the president reelected and the corporatists who have all but stolen our country safely run out of town on a rail.   Then you and I need to sit down and talk about which politicians have taken proportionately a lot more money from the financial sector in this country than Cory Booker ever thought about.   Not going to mention names right now but I’ll give you a clue… they aren’t all Republicans.

As for Mr. Booker… well he may have hung himself out to dry which could actually turn out to be a shame.  He seemed to have had a bright future as a Democratic politician, especially considering the Twitter mini-cult he already had going that could have in time rivaled that of PBO himself… until his debt was called in by Wall Street and he blew it all.  Hopefully we’ll reach a point where we can look at him as just another casualty in the war to keep the Wall Street leeches from sucking the life out of our country but for now His Honor is going to have to live with what he has wrought for himself.

Hopefully, other Democrats will come away with the knowledge that it takes a very smart man and a master politician to be a Democrat and  lie down with Wall Street bankers and CEOs and not get any on you.  There aren’t too many of those out there.

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It’s Not Just The Fracking

Going to deviate a tad from my usual political rantings today, although there are definitely political overtones to this post in that it attempts to give one of my worm’s eye views of a situation that, at least in general, is common in regard to the way the big energy companies do business in this country today due to the right wing and their never ending screams for eliminating any vestige of regulation by our government.

Today I want to say a few hundred words about my own personal experiences with Chesapeake Energy Corporation and the manner in which they apparently screw the people they lease from. First a disclaimer:

Had I known or understood when I leased part of my mineral rights on some Oklahoma property to this company, what I know and understand about this company today, I would never have done business with them. I’m not offering any excuses other than it was only my ignorance that prompted me to accept their offer, especially since my interests are almost microscopic the financial rewards are hardly in the blinding range.

So while you can rightly say that I might be complicit or an enabler of some sort in some of Chesapeake’s operations there was no intent on my part to have any such role in the day to day actions of this company, especially in their use of practices that can only be described as the oil/gas industry’s version of mountaintop removal mining. I find the practice of fracking just as reprehensible as any of you do and even though there has been no evidence so far that they are using the practice on the properties in which I have an interest, if it were in any way possible, I’d break that lease in a moment.

But I’m not here to talk about fracking today. This is the real subject of the post: If it makes anyone feel better, Chesapeake has never produced a single one of the monthly royalty checks they promised in order to secure those rights. And if it makes anyone else feel even better, when offers started coming in for a lease on another piece of property we had an interest in in the same area, having already started to read about the practice of fracking and it’s impact on the environment and the manner in which Chesapeake was treating it’s neighbors, we went with a different company, Rockford Energy Partners, who at least sent regular, if small ($150 per mo range) monthly checks until a few weeks ago when Chesapeake bought either the company or the contract and those royalties immediately stopped also.

I have no way of knowing how many other owners became Chesapeake… investors? contributors?… willingly or not. It’s one of the things that I would definitely like to know and a list of other small owners like myself is one of the things I’m going to ask them for if they ever deign to acknowledge my existence. It would be interesting to know how many have had the same experience with the company.

It would also be interesting to know if the companies that swindle small holders out of their rights shares go around buying up rights for a dime on the dollar from folks who don’t know they’re actually worth something, and then leasing the resulting large blocs to companies like Chesapeake have also had THEIR royalties shut down.

As it stands right now, all that has happened is that control of my rights to a share in the oil, gas and or minerals on those two properties has been secured by Chesapeake Energy and that all royalty checks and/or any other communications from them have stopped dead in their tracks. Lacking any information whatever from them since they have refused to answer phone calls, emails or any other attempts at communication, I find it hard to believe that they’d simply shut down operations on both properties without compelling reasons and… as an owner… I’m entitled to know what those reasons are and how they affect my rights.

To those of you who STILL think we have too much regulation of the oil and gas industries, I hope you enjoy the $6-7 gas prices they’re shooting for because that’s how they punish you for questioning $4-5 gas prices and our Congress… you know, those junkies and pimps and whores we pay to keep these kinds of things from happening… is nothing if not complicit in it.

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Flash! Rush Limbaugh Is Still Fat

Dammit, another day has come and almost gone and I’m still sitting here contemplating the cookie crumbs lodged in my keyboard and trying to come up with something to blog about.  Those of you who have not chosen to subject yourself to the daily almost universal rejection engendered in maintaining a blog are probably wondering what the big deal is and why, with the RW becoming more raucous, hateful, childish and reckless on a daily basis, there wouldn’t be a myriad of subjects upon which to pontificate and you’d be right.

The PROBLEM is that by the time I get around to actually putting my fingers on the home row, everything there is to be said about the day’s happenings has already been said.  For example(s), whatever the terms I would choose to couch it in, it would still boil down to:

1.  Romney is still a liar.  I know, hardly a big news flash, right?  The reason for pointing out all of Mitt’s lies and flips and flops is to establish exactly that fact; that he is a serial liar and not to be trusted in a position of power, especially the most powerful position in the world.  But we established that weeks ago and  I seriously doubt that there is not a thinking adult and probably few children under the age of ten who don’t already know that about Mittens, even among his supporters who know it but are OK with it.  This makes anything I could add today redundant… or superfluous.   Either of those words would do really but since I like using words that…  “confuse”… certain types, I’ll keep ’em both and count it a double.

2.  Romney is still an elitist asshole.  Yeah yeah, each of those two words beggars a paragraph of it’s own and Mittens has no problem epitomizing either but we do have space limitations here and it’s hard to be an elitist without being an asshole so I’m offering a twofer.  Just remember, while you don’t always have to be an elitist to be an asshole you pretty much have to be an asshole to be an elitist.  There are many other ways to be an asshole and I’m sure Mitt has many if not most of them covered so again, I would be remiss in once again restating the obvious.

3.  Romney is owned outright by the 1%.  Now… I had to think about that one a bit because technically he isn’t actually OWNED by the 1% but is indeed a major player IN the 1%.  If you were to run a survey to decide which elitist prick most epitomized the out and out soulless depravity of the 1% you would probably find Mitt’s picture cut and pasted between Dave and Chuck in any group portrait of the Koch Brothers at the top of your list.  Mitt may not have their money but he’s certainly got that certain something that allows him to rationalize away any consideration for other people as long as he’s making a buck and that’s exactly what it takes to be a preppy frat boy Republican pres.  Just ask W.

4.  Rush Limbaugh is still fat.  Sorry, that just sorta slipped in there but now that it’s out, it is actually a true fact just as it is that Rush is still a lot of things, none of them conducive to being granted membership in the human race.  One thing certain… if the world does end 12/21/12, the last thing we’ll see go spinning off into space is El Puerco, still ensconced at his EIB Golden Microphone and still squawking about the destruction of the earth being a non-event and just some vast left wing plot made up by the Liberals to discredit him in his truth telling.

There are dozens of other examples… hell Boner and McConnell are walking bullseyes and Paul Ryan is still scrabbling around underneath the barrel to see how low he can go but… it’s what they DO.  It’s what they ALWAYS do.  There’s nothing new under the sun about any of these people or the people who run the corporations they are owned by.

So sorry folks, I just seem to have run out of ideas for things to say that aren’t… let me see now, I need a word or two to piss of the rednecks some more… periphrastic and/or supererogatory.  (That should keep ’em busy for a while).  I’ll try harder folks, I promise.  The few of you who still bother to come to my humble little page deserve better.


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A Bully Is A Bully Mittens

When it comes to being a despicable excuse for a human being, they just don’t come a whole lot more despicable than Willard Mitt Romney. This man continues to amaze me at the shallowness of his character, the total lack of any moral or ethical connection to his fellow Americans… at least those not in his immediate little one percent circle… and his innate inability to empathize with anyone who didn’t inherit millions from their daddy and use it to flog those who don’t meet their particular standards for who is and who isn’t worthy of living on the planet with them.

I don’t know for certain that Mitt is the most elitist sonofabitch in the country but he IS the only elitist sonofabitch standing naked on the stage of public opinion and begging us to elect him as our anointed leader who is congenitally unable to stop acting like he is, even just long enough to campaign. His ego simply refuses to let him realize that virtually nobody else… not even his nominal supporters… thinks Mitt Romney is as great as Mitt Romney does and that he’s going to have to do a little more than put on a pair of $500 jeans and a $300 imitation work shirt for an hour or two’s worth of photo ops to actually convince people that he is. Indeed Mitt seems to be amazed that with him in the race anyone would even consider voting for anyone else and he also seems to be believing in and relying on the media’s portrayal of this election as some kind of horse race.

Let me tell you something Mitty… the media is taking that tack for the same reason they over hype everything else that passes under their little corporate noses… to sell advertising space. None of the big corporations is going to advertise to see a bunch of millionaire talking heads talk about the incumbent eating your lunch on every single issue. This has to be an “exciting” race for the corporate media to make the big bucks and they’ll do whatever they can to make it look close enough to be exciting. That’s one of the two main reasons you’re getting any coverage at all, the other being that they’ve been instructed to get the uppity black dude out of the White House through any means possible which includes trying to make you and that horrendously elitist family of yours into some hideous caricatures of ordinary middle class human beings.

Now that I have that out of my system let me say this. Bullying is NOT a harmless fucking prank Mitt. Of all the lunatic Marie Antoinette style phrases you and that equally out of touch and don’t want to BE in touch wife of yours could possibly come up with, that would be the last goddamned straw as far as a lot of people like me are concerned. Kids are killing themselves on an almost weekly basis over just such “harmless pranks” perpetrated by assholes with exactly your attitude. Entire families have been plunged into abject poverty through the means by which you chose to continue your bullying of people you consider somehow beneath you as you look down from that lofty position which you alone have claimed for yourself through some kind of divine entitlement.

The bullying incident shows that even in your teens you were already the Mitt Romney that we see today, standing there in his ever diminishing glory as the false skins are stripped from your carcass almost faster than you can put them on. You’re a phoney, Mitt and nobody likes a phoney. A little secret… even your Corporate cronies don’t like phonies, although they’ve proven time and again that they will always tolerate one if it furthers their agenda and let’s face facts here Mittens, phonies is all they have.

I have no empirical evidence as to why the Republican party chooses to run the most despicable human beings they can find for public office unless we assume that the Republican party has become nothing more than the dog being wagged by its extremist Tea Party tail… which most people do, of course. But whatever the case, the fact that you are their Great White Hope speaks volumes about the state of conservatism in this country today just as this little anecdote from your youth tells us that you didn’t just pretend to be a bullying asshole to get the nomination, but that you have always been one. At least since your high school days.

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I Broke Twitter

OK, it wasn’t broken, just over capacity but it went down just as I hit the submit button on this real cool tweet about Chuck Todd and his meaningless mewling about the number of empty seats at the Obama rally in Ohio so I’ll accept the responsibility.

It’s important that we understand that people like Chuck Todd aren’t journalists.  They’re just simple minded corporate tools and their job is to either advance the corporatist agenda directly by fawning over Mittens or to do so by throwing dirt at the “other guys” and this was just Chuckie’s feeble little effort to throw dirt.  Remember when you were little and you went to the zoo and got too close to the baboon cage?  That was one of Chuckie’s ancestors.  It’s not Media Asshat of the Week material but it’s typical so don’t get yer bloomers all inflated over it.

One weirdo was spouting about 14k people not amounting to much so twitters swamped the system with pics of the crowds at some of Mittens’ rallies… should take care of that little meme.  Won’t, of course but it should and would if the Rs weren’t so damned desperate to counter the fact that PBO is simply smarter, more inspirational  and a ton more charismatic than the little plastic guy locked behind Mitt’s zipper. (Hey it was Mrs. “I never worked because I never had to” that started it, not me.)  On the other hand, one guy even went so far as to claim that after today Ohio was Obama country.  Overconfidence… especially in the face of the right wing propaganda media machine… can bite you in the ass too.  Told him they need to dump Boner and then get back to us.  THEN he can claim Ohio as Obama country.

The one thing that is almost universally acknowledged is the fact that Mitt is damnably outclassed in the speaking department I don’t care how many zippers Annie pulls down.  He could stand on a stage in front of one of his audiences of… dozens?… and read the exact same speech that President Obama just gave and half his audience would be asleep in about a minute and a half.  I wouldn’t say that Mitt Romney is about a dull a speaker as has ever stepped up to a podium but… oh hell, yes I would too.  What else CAN you say?  It’s hard to put any conviction behind “I’m for the middle class” or similar rhetoric when you know in your mind that it’s a damned lie.

Having run out of stuff to blame Obama for and with most of it having been refuted by the simple expediency of looking up the actual facts and figures at the source, Mitt has resorted to that final ploy of all wingers who find themselves in an indefensible position… he just makes up stuff that never happened and blames the President for it.

This is a variation of a tactic cribbed directly from the GOP’s  Debate 101 primer… If you can’t demonize an opponent for saying A, claim he’s really thinking B and then demonize him for that.  And of course, if that doesn’t work, just call him a “lefty” or a “lib” and stalk off.  Used to happen to me daily on the old labor forums in the 90s.

But all in all, POTUS kicked off his reelection campaign in Boner’s home state on a high note and with considerable success, no matter how hard the right wing media and talking heads try to downplay it.  The fact that they’re trying so desperately TO downplay it is ample proof of what I just said.  If they weren’t scared spitless they wouldn’t be that desperate now, would they?

Now it’s off to Virginia where we can hope for the same kind of support we saw today and that we hope to see every day until Election Day because believe me people, no matter what you might be thinking about Barack Obama, the last thing you want is some Homo Simulacrum programmed by the Wall Street bankers sitting in the White House.  If you hate Obama bad enough to sell the rest of the country out that way, then be prepared for the consequences and for damned sure don’t come crying to me afterward because all you’re going to hear is a snarky “I told you so.” and a hearty “Now %$#@ off!”.


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