Steve Doocy_Asshat Of The Week

22 Apr

There are a whole gaggle of asshats to pick from this week, but we’re gonna start with Steve Douchy Doocy for claiming that President Obama openly and directly mocked Mitt Romney by saying, “Unlike some people, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.”.   In all honesty, the statement qualifies Doocy for my little list not so much because of the inaccuracy of its content but because of the blatant hypocrisy and dishonesty of the person making it, which we’ll get to in a moment.

As for Mr. Obama’s statement itself, OK, this might… by a fairly simple exercise of imagination… be construed as some kind of a direct personal attack on Mittens.  I myself actually believe that Mr. Obama had Mr. Romney in mind when he said it.  I know damned well that’s what I thought (and I applaud Mr. Obama for daring to say what most of us are thinking) when I heard it and would have been thinking had I been the one saying it.  But even so it’s a very mild one in addition to being the absolute truth and even if it is a direct slap, so what?  It’s true.  Mitt Romney was born rich, Mr. Obama wasn’t.  It’s as simple as that and right wingers need to get over it.

Mitt Romney WAS born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has had his way paid and the skids greased for him in everything he’s ever done. He dodged the draft (even while openly denouncing draft protestors) and even when it came to his missionary service for his church, he managed to do the whole thing ensconced in a luxurious mansion in France. He’s never had to lift a finger to do a day’s work in his life and his sole accomplishment in that life has been to make even more money by devastating the quality of life for millions of other Americans. It’s just what people born with silver spoons do and why we have a one percent slapping the rest of us around.

The REAL problem with Mr. Doocy’s “reporting” though is not the pearl clutching and histrionics he wraps around the notion that POTUS would dare to call Mr. Romney out on the disconnect that might be the most glaring defect in his qualifications to lead ALL of the people, but the fact that the president didn’t exactly say what Mr. Doocy claims he said.

If Mr. Doocy considers himself a journalist and if he’s had any kind of training as a journalist, he knows damned well that when you offer a direct quote from someone you DON’T add your own self serving words to theirs.  By attributing words to the president that the president didn’t actually say, Steve Doocy flat assed lied. (Not to be unexpected from an employee of a “news” organization that has a SCOTUS issued LICENSE to lie,)

Mr. Doocy inserted the first three words of the statement he attributes to POTUS into that statement himself before using it to demonize the President.  Mr. Doocy didn’t think that the presidents actual words were a strong enough indicator of Mr. Obama’s “disdain for Americans” so he inserted a few of this own to make it more personal.

Mr. Obama never said “Unlike some people…”, he simply said “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.”.  It’s an old saying… I’ve been hearing it (and using it on occasion) all my life and it WAS an old saying even before I was born having actually appeared as early as 1719 which… believe it or not… predates me by a few years.   According to Wiki:

   The English language expression silver spoon is synonymous with wealth, especially inherited wealth; someone born into a wealthy family is said to have “been born with a silver spoon in his mouth”. As an adjective, “silver-spoon” describes someone who has a prosperous background or is of a well-to-do family environment.

I’m sorry Republican friends, but if that description doesn’t fit Mitt Romney, you’re going to have to clue me in on how he managed his rise from an obscure peasant like me, born to poor working class parents like mine, to a position of prominence in the one percent and a net worth of a quarter billion dollars through hard work and the sweat of his brow because from everything I’ve been able to find out about the man he’s never been anything but a corporate hatchet man, a tax dodger and and a professional candidate for president.

As for the Fox news hack… Mr. Doocy is just doing what right wing screechers and hacks do best.  Talking someone’s words and either redacting or embellishing them, creating a false narrative which is then hammered on by every other talking head in the organization and, in this case , picked up and hammered on further by people who ought to know better.  (Looking at you, Washington Post)  Such is the sorry state of “journalism in America today.

Steve Doocy, we salute you. Grandpa’s Asshat of the Week.

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