Stupid Quote Of The Week

15 Apr

New feature. Sometimes there will be more than one a week, a situation that it’s impossible to avoid as long as the Uber right remains in control of the Republican party but we hope to always have at least one. Here’s today’s:

“Believe me….I’ve suffered economic hardships. When Mitt was in grad school at Harvard, it was ‘touch and go’….. We were living on the edge, no income, chipping away at our stocks to make ends meet…. no entertaining…”

Sounds to me like Mitt might have “spent too much time at Harvard“. Now where did I hear that exact same thing about someone else a week or so back?

Seriously Annie… “Chipping away at your stocks”? “No entertaining”? Mitt was the son of a flipping multimillionaire for chrissake. I’m pretty sure you had a safety net… something that few of the rest of us have any longer, largely due to your Mitt… and something that he is just foaming at the mouth to take away from the ones that still do.

Sorry ma’am, your whining about the bad old days (especially since you never had any) just doesn’t make it to any part of my soul that gives a damn.

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