The Vulture Whores In Congress

03 Apr

By @TomBales1
Sourced from an article by Andrea Saybrook and Alex Blumberg @ NPR:  Take The Money And Run For Office.

We imagine lobbyists stalking the halls of Congress, trying to influence lawmakers with cash. But often, it’s the other way around: Members of Congress stalk lobbyists, looking for contributions.

“Most Americans would be shocked — not surprised, shocked — if they knew how much time a U.S. Senator spends raising money,” Sen. Dick Durbin told us.

There are special call centers across the street from the Capitol where Senators and Congressmen sit, often for hours a day, calling potential donors to ask for money.

Whoa!  Hours a day, stalking lobbyists?  That’s what we pay these clowns for?  We pay these people big bucks to spend hours a day sucking up to people for more bucks?

I don’t know about the rest of you but as far as I’m concerned, it’s just about damned time we started treating the junkies and pimps and whores in our congress as exactly what they are… our EMPLOYEES.  We PAY these people to go to Washington and do a JOB for US.  And when you consider not only their salaries but all the bennies and perks that go with the job, we pay them pretty goddamned WELL for that job.  Like any other employer, we have the right to expect an honest days’ work for an honest day’s pay out of ’em, but the simple fact is that they have other ideas about that.  As far as THEY are concerned, they’re in Washington to get as rich as possible as fast as possible and the idea that they actually WORK for someone else never enters their pointy little heads.

If these people were held to the same standards of accountability and prformance that private sector employees or even rank and file government employees are… ESPECIALLY in this day and age… most of them would be fired before they ever had time to become vested in that obscenely bloated pension plan they created for themselves or even make a permanent dent in the seat cushions in that fancy limousine that hauls their all but useless asses to the golf course 3-4 times a week for the kind of meetings described in the cited article.

Instead, we find ourselves in the totally bassackward position of having our employees taking their pay and bennies from us, then telling us basically to %$#@ off while they serve an altogether different set of masters in ways that are very seldom in our best interests and indeed are most often detrimental to those interests.

These people only have two functions in DC as far as they’re concerned… making themselves rich and serving the plutarchy and of course, more often than not those two dovetail so seamlessly you couldn’t slide a razor blade between them.  Oh, once in a while something may come up that requires huge amounts of their attention and energy… like making sure the black dude’s presidency is a total failure even if they have to bring the rest of us down to do it… but even that is simply an extension of the other two and in the normal course of events, the first two are sufficient.

Nowhere in their worldview is there any room for the concept that since they’re taking OUR money… supposedly for working for us… they should be doing a little something for US once in a while.  Not this bunch.

What does the money buy? What are corporations and special interests getting in return for the billions of dollars they spend lobbying each year?

If you’re cynical, you think money buys votes, and Washington is owned. Money drives everything. {And I’m nothing if not cynical_TB}

Lobbyists and politicians usually tell you the opposite. The money has no effect. After all, they say, donations come from both sides. Exporters vs. importers. Bankers vs. Realtors. Businesses vs. unions. The money cancels itself out.

Rep. Barney Frank says both of those positions were caricatures.

“People say, ‘Oh, it doesn’t have any effect on me,'” he says. “Well if that were the case, we’d be the only human beings in the history of the world who on a regular basis took significant amounts of money from perfect strangers and made sure that it had no effect on our behavior.”

I think one of the things that chaps my ass the most is the contention by these insultingly arrogant bastards that all that damned money changing hands has no effect on anything.  If that were so, all that money wouldn’t BE changing hands.  People don’t spend money if they know damned well there’s nothing in it for them (unless they’re taxpayers spending money on congressional pay and benefits}.

If the 99% could manage to dredge up a halfway viable set of balls between them, not a single one of these assclowns in office today would be there after their next election cycle.  Not a one.  Not one Democrat, not one Republican… nobody.  The only way we’re going to put this country back together again is to can the entire lot of ’em and start all over from scratch with a few new rules in place to make damned sure that never again can any man or woman make themselves millionaires under the table through public service of any kind.

Of course we all know it will never happen.  It will never happen because we’re too goddamned lazy to make it happen and we’re going to continue right on down the road we’re on to it’s inevitable dead end, at which point we’ll simply make like lemmings and throw ourselves over the cliff.  And maybe… if we’re too venal, too self absorbed, too blind and ignorant to even want to know what’s going on around us… maybe that’s all we deserve.

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