Media Pretends It Doesn’t Get It

28 Mar

Let me just preface this by saying that I don’t believe that the media… print and or broadcast has failed America. I believe from the depths of my soul that they have SOLD OUT America and to me there’s a world of difference between an honest but possibly unsuccessful attempt and a deliberate sellout. All they have to do to get back to where they once were is simply to once again put honesty and integrity ahead of rock star paychecks, $$ driven agendas and recreate the environment where the “truth” is not simply something the highest bidder says it is.

So… another day and another story or three or four about the Television “news” media and their refusal to accept the blame for their own failures. Wendy Gittleson @ Addicting Info informs us that Fox and CNN are the biggest failures, something that will come as no surprise to most folks who used to watch the TV machine to get actual… you know… NEWS .

Seems that Fox has seen it’s ratings plummet by some 27% compared to the same period last year which should be telling it something but of course doesn’t. But by far, the biggest flop over the past year has been Fox Lite, or CNN as it still insists on calling itself, as we’ve seen CNN lose 50% of its overall audience and 60% of its viewers in the 25-54 age bracket, a demo considered crucial if you’re gonna stay in the news business. If I was running CNN, I’d find the person or persons that came up with the “We have to outFox Fox” thing and the suits they sold it to and exile them so far out in the boondocks their biscuits would have to be airdropped to them.

MSNBC… which is perceived as being the most liberal of the three… actually managed to GAIN 3 percentage points in its overall viewership… which also should be a message for some… but lost 3 points in the age 25-54 demo so it’s kind of meh.

As you would expect from our modern crop of “journalists”, speculation is rampant among them as to what has caused and is causing them to slip from favor with the public and, as you would also expect, that speculation ranges from somewhere south of stupid (“there is no news”) to the other side of ridiculous and never once manages to even allude to the simple fact that the days of rock star journalism are rapidly drawing to a close.

People simply no longer want to see a damned bunch of millionaires sitting in front of a camera and spewing their personal opinions or… worse… the opinions of the people who have bought and paid for the chair they’re sitting in and the microphone they’re blathering into. People are finally waking up to the fact that what they get from “journalists” today is not news and indeed quite often has nothing to DO with actual news. It has no basis in fact unless that “fact” supports the agenda of the people writing the checks and truth… hell, that’s just another euphemism for propaganda.

News… especially television news is simply a bunch of one percenters doing their best to support the one percent by trivializing, marginalizing and demonizing the other ninety-nine percent and if there was ever any doubt in your mind about that then let me refer you to the coverage of the Trayvon Martin travesty. It’s the only microcosm you’ll ever need, although I have no illusions that there will ever be a shortage of examples.

For me, news is pertinent and accurate information that I can use to make rational, informed decisions that affect my and my family’s foreseeable future. News organizations once existed to provide me with that information until certain people decided they didn’t WANT me… or any other member of the 99%… to be able to make rational, informed decisions. The result is organizations like Fox and CNN and the myriad of other practitioners of the propaganda arts that tell us we need to love the oligarchs even as they disembowel us in the public square.

I can’t begin to express the disgust and contempt that calling someone like Wolf Blitzer a “journalist” or alluding to Fox and CNN as news organizations arouses in me. That’s the honest, unvarnished truth and nobody pays me six figures annually to say it as publicly and as often as I possibly can. Too bad Wolfie can’t say the same about most of the stuff he blathers, innit?


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2 responses to “Media Pretends It Doesn’t Get It

  1. Miro Collas

    March 28, 2012 at 16:27

    Excellent post – very well said! I just wish more people would wake up to this.

    • Tom Bales

      March 28, 2012 at 16:32

      Thanks a lot. The state of our “fourth estate” has long been an issue for me.


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