Romney Just Needs To Get The $#@k Out

14 Mar

From the front of the pack to choking on it’s dust… what a week for Willard, eh?

Mittens’ sorry showing in the Mississippi and Alabama primaries may have just sealed his fate as far as the Republican nomination goes.  As they become more and more informed as to what and who Mitt Romney really is, people are dropping off his little wagon in droves and his campaign pretends to be at a loss in trying to figure out why.

Hell, any astute ten year old could tell them why.  It’s because normal folks… normal in the sense of being average working class citizens… simply don’t LIKE the sonofabitch.  If the Democrats can no longer get effete, elitist northeastern snobs (John Kerry, anyone?) elected, what makes anyone think the Republicans could get this one into the Oval Office?

Understand this Romney campaign… nobody likes your boy.  People by the millions are seeing him for exactly what he is… perhaps for the first time… and virtually none of them like what they’re seeing.  Neither working class Democrats NOR working class Republicans have any use for this walking, talking advertisement for the Fascist plutocracy.

When a pandering religionist nutsack like Rick flipping Santorum can thump him to the point of becoming the front runner… even is a race as totally mucked up as this one has been… your ass is well and truly beaten and you guys might as well save yourself further embarrassment and your corporate sponsors some bucks and bow the hell out now while you can still pretend to have some dignity left.

I for one would be grateful not to have to ever see that elitist little prick all dressed down in designer jeans and an Armani plaid flannel shirt pretending to be a normal human being again.

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