Hey Mitt_An Elitist Prick Is Still A Prick

11 Mar

I keep saying that I think I may have reached  some kind of breaking point finally, a point at which the racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, theophobia… if that’s not a word, someone needs to make it one… and just plain old unadulterated hate being spewed on a daily basis by those on the right in this country have me literally reeling.

I get up every morning and, just as I have done for years now, run through my news feeds looking for subjects for my latest rants, only to give up in despair less than halfway through the folder, NOT because there’s nothing to rant about but because there is so damned much to rant about I can’t decide where to even start ranting.  But at some time during a given week, Willard can usually be counted give me a starting point.  He says something so outrageously elitist or pandering that you simply can’t refrain from going off on it.

This past week, it was his totally sissified comments on El Puerco’s 3 day on air meltdown in which he (Mitt) condemned the words used but not the sentiments expressed or the 73 personal attacks Limbaugh launched on Sandra Fluke.  For me, it’s not so much Mitt’s comments themselves which were after all, pure Romney.  It is the fact that they indicated that he was actually in agreement with the opinions expressed by Limbaugh and that his only objection was to the semantics.

Rush Limbaugh’s been the big topic for the last week or so but really, we know all we need to know about Rush Limbaugh.  Once it’s become well established that someone is a racist, sexist, hypocritical drug abuser and quite possibly  a pedophilic pig suffering from erectile dysfunction to boot, what’s left to say?  You soon wind up repeating the same old pap over and over again, just like he does, only YOUR audiences… unlike his ditto heads… are smart enough to realize they’re hearing the same crap over and over again they’ve BEEN hearing for twenty years.

Then there’s Rick Santorum, the guy all the left wing folks say hasn’t got a chance to be the RWNJ nominee in November because he’s such a crazy sonofabitch.  Actually Rick Santorum could EASILY become the nominee precisely BECAUSE he’s such a crazy sonofabitch or at because his handlers are best able to pander to the crazy sonsofbitches who make up the largest single voting bloc in the Republican party.  Either way, he’s a totally known quantity.

Gingrich?  Gingrich will leave the race for the Republican nomination without the nomination itself but he’ll even richer than he was before he got into it which was the true reason he did it in the first place, just like he has done with everything he’s gone into since his first day in congress.  Newt could probably write the definitive how-to on how to make yourself rich as a “public servant” since he’s probably better at it than anyone since LBJ.

Ron Paul?  Heh.

So really, what we have left is Willard Mitt Romney, a pusillanimous pandering prig whose daddy must really have hated his ass to saddle him with that name.  Willard is the poster boy for every single thing the rest of us are fighting against and hate most about the one percent.  If there is a single way left that he hasn’t found to make himself totally offensive to honest hard working people everywhere, you can damned well bet old Mittens has an army of interns digging around trying to find it so he can blurt it out as if it were some obvious truism that you’d have to be crazy (or poor) to disagree with.

All I could really say about Romney is that of all the sanctimonious hypocrites that have peopled the GOP’s primary race this year, he is easily the most sanctimonious, hypocritical and outright offensive of the bunch, if for no other reason than his total disconnect from the people he claims he wants to lead and his obvious desire to REMAIN totally disconnected from them, as evidenced by the manner in which he constantly flaunts his total disdain for the rest of us.

Newt’s a family values hypocrite, Santorum is a religious hypocrite…  the point is we know that they’re hypocrites, they know that we know they’re hypocrites and that’s the playing field we meet on.  The thing about these guys is that they’re the same hypocrites today that they were yesterday and that they will be tomorrow.  Not so with Romney, who seems to have a closet full of faces to choose from, depending on that day’s circumstances.

Only Mitt still blatantly plays the chameleon game, offering up a persona that is totally dependent on where he is and who he’s talking to at any given moment in time, shamelessly appearing one day as Mitt the astute business man who has a quarter of a billion bucks because, unlike the rest of us, he EARNED everything he has… if you don’t count the fortune his daddy left him with which he got a head start on the rest of us… (and who, during his “career” in big business, has probably eliminated or offshored more American jobs than any other single individual out there) and on the next trying to convince us he’s the good old boy who’s gonna get that unemployed civil engineer a minimum wage job flipping burgers so he will no longer have to mooch off of the “real producers” in the country.

Next to de facto party leader Rush Limbaugh, Mittens may just be the most detested Republican extant today.  Some of the most vile and disgusting statements uttered during this way too goddamned long campaign have come from this man’s mouth… albeit in an often more sugar coated format than those spewed by some of the others.

He’s openly an elitist prick who… as far as I can see… has never done a flipping thing to serve his country or his fellow man in any way shape or form and who has made damned sure we all know his kids aren’t going to either, no matter how many wars he helps start. A man who actually thinks that simply inheriting his daddy’s fortune and inflating it by trading on the misery and poverty of others somehow makes him better than 99.75% of the population.

That a man like this… an unabashed copy of George W Bush without the phony aw shucks cowboy schtick… could be one stolen election away from the presidency of this country is mind boggling even after we’ve seen it happen once already.

But I suppose that once your one and only goal as a political party becomes to unseat the black dude (who just happens to belong the other party thereby giving you an excuse no matter how flimsy)… no matter how much mud and scum you have to crawl around in to get the job done… nothing you do should really boggle anything anymore.  Putting the destruction of Barack Obama before the good of the country is just a normal day’s business for the Dixiecans. (Heh.  I still remember when we called them DixieCRATS.)

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