Really GOP? The Girl Scouts???

23 Feb

Good grief!  Take a few days off to tie up some medical loose ends and what do I see when I get back?  The idiot wing of the GOP attacking… of all things… the girl scouts?  Come ON people… how stupid do these moronic attacks against common sense  have to be before even the dumbest and most ignorant among you realize your flipping buttons are being pushed by political whores who’ll kiss your ass in public to get your meager little votes and then laugh their own asses off at you in private for being gullible enough to fall for anything they stick in front of you?

And why… of all the organizations they could have picked for this spectacular display of ignorance… did they pick the Girl Scouts?  Is anyone really stupid enough to believe that the Girl Scouts of America actually promotes “abortion, paganism and homosexual lifestyles” as part of its official agenda?  Or… MORE likely…  is the organization simply being trashed for not openly denouncing these positions loudly enough to suit the screechers among the ranks of ignorant southern males doing 99% of the screeching?   Or… MOST likely… is this just another carefully manipulated facet of the attack on women in general that has always been  an important plank in the radical Republican platform but because this four year election cycle… that started the very day we elected a black man to the White House… has already gone on long enough to exhaust the supply of the merely ridiculous thereby requiring the GOP to start flinging the sublimely so?

The kind of ignorance that allows one to come to the conclusion the the GSA is somehow a threat to the “American” way of life is not the kind of ignorance that can be blamed on a lack of information.  Ignorant rednecks have exactly the same access to information and educational materials the rest of us have.  Nor can it be traced to some form of disability, either physical or mental that would prevent these people from assimilating and processing this information in the same manner the rest of us do.

While recent studies have shown that a majority of the members of the more radically right sectors of the GOP and the Conservative movement in general may have lower levels of intelligence (as measured by traditional methods) and even some small differences in physical brain structure than their counterparts on the left, the differences… while they might affect the rapidity with which one is able to grasp the significance of the facts and figures being presented… would not seem to indicate a total inability to to do so at all.

So one is left with the conclusion that the ignorance so proudly displayed during days since the majority imposed a black president on the residents Neoconfederate States of America… the old Dixiecrat states… is the result of a wanton refusal of the right to acknowledge any and all considerations that do not actively and wholeheartedly support the existing preconceived agenda of the white male Christian power structure in this country.

Which simply means that any organization that promotes equality for women… no matter how innocuous or apolitical it might be… is  a target.  Not even necessarily because it might in some manner promote actual opposition to that WMCPS agenda but because it fails to fall in line and actually PROMOTE it and I’m guessing that the Girl Scout kerfuffle isn’t going to be the last example of manufactured self righteous indignation coming from the right over the next eight months.

I’m just surprised James O’Keefe hasn’t been busted (so far) wearing a green dress and a beret, attempting to infiltrate neighborhood Brownie meetings in the DC area.  I guess Breitbart has been having an off week or something.

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