And Not A Uterus Among Them

17 Feb

If there was ever any doubt that Corporate America was waging a war against women in this country, a piece by Jessica Reed @ The Guardian Abortion rights: what’s wrong with these pictures?

As usual, I find myself highly pissed off that I have to go to foreign press to find illustrations of what should be obvious even to the feeble minded… provided they are given the information with which to formulate a conclusion… which in this country, they are not.  Far too many of our own “journalists”, including many female ones (Liz Trotta being the latest example) are too damned busy selling out not only their country but their gender for big bucks by parroting the “a (poor) woman’s place is to serve her lord and master” routine to tell the inconvenient truths about what this latest campaign to inject religious dogma into our governmental process without paying the taxes that are the price everyone else pays to participate.

Remember, we’re no longer just talking about abortion anymore.  We’re talking about a woman’s basic right to choose even not to become pregnant should she so choose under ANY circumstances.  If the morons in these pictures get their way, even contraception is going to become illegal, leaving a woman with abstinence as her only recourse and there is not a doubt in my mind that abstinence would be made illegal next and after that?  Hell, I don’t know anymore.  Maybe being strapped to the roof of the car during family vacation trips?

The first one shows nine US legislators standing behind George W Bush in 2003 as he signs the partial-birth abortion ban. The law, as signed by the president, prohibited a specific form of late-term abortion occurring between 15 to 26 weeks. Note that, as NPR’s health correspondent Julie Rovner explains, the term “partial birth” is not a medical term, but a politicised one – coined by the National Right to Life Committee .

I’m sure you’ve already picked up on what’s missing from that little gathering.  It IS a bit obvious after all.

But just in case it escaped you or “one picture does not a meme make”, here’s a bit more recent one.

The second photograph was taken on Thursday during a US Congress hearing on birth control. The house committee on oversight and government reform was tasked to assemble a panel of “experts” to debate access to birth control. Those experts – acting as representatives of their faithsargued against requiring insurers to cover birth control for employees of religiously affiliated organisations, as it would violate their religious freedom. They also contended that methods of contraception including morning-after pills and IUDs were “abortifacients”: they prevent sperm from reaching, or fertilising, an egg during sexual intercourse. The photograph shows, from left to right: Catholic bishop of Bridgeport, Rev William E Lori; president of the Lutheran church (Missouri Synod) Rev Matthew C Harrison; Graves professor of moral philosophy at Union University, C Ben Mitchell; associate rabbi at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik; and chair of the ethics department at Southwestern Baptist theological seminary, Craig Mitchell.

These two pictures, taken eight years apart, are typical of any pictures that might have been taken during that time of any gathering met to discuss the same or similar subjects.  For those White Southern Christian Males that still haven’t gotten it, I’m going to give you one more chance.

Gaze once again at picture #1 which shows us who makes all these laws governing the inside of the uterus and what can and can not go on there.  Then look one more time at the panel of “experts” that your government has most recently convened to provide insight on the rights of a woman to choose for herself what goes on inside her own body so that those laws could get made.

Now, tell me Bubba… do you see a single female face anywhere in either of those two pictures?  In other words, in those two pictures of at least 15 people who have had a major impact on what can and can’t, does and doesn’t go on inside the human uterus,  the entire 15 of them couldn’t scrape together a poor facsimile of a uterus between them.

And while there are only two pictures included here, as I said above, this is no aberration.  This is typical of any group that our government gets or has gotten together over the course of the last decade to decide how the “lesser elements” of “our” society should be allowed to live their lives.  That this one involves an actual invasion of the human body itself shows the lengths to which our pandering political prostitutes are willing to go to give big business… and religion is just likely to be the biggest business out there when all is said and done… what they want.

And to think these religions… these ginormous business concerns… get to wield this kind of power and have all this say in the lives of the rest of us without ever having to cough up a dime of the taxes which are the costs the rest of us bear for having our tiny little voices in our so called representative republic.  When people who don’t pay anything for the maintenance of government are allowed to control that government and use it to run roughshod over the rights of the people that do… then it’s pretty safe to say that at least 98% of us no longer have a government.

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