Thoughts On the Tea Party

Boston_Tea_Party_Currier_coloredKnow what’s ironic? The Tea Party chose its name based on the “Boston Tea Party” which occurred in colonial times when what LATER became the United States was populated by British Citizens who expressed no desire to overthrow their duly constituted government . Modern Tea Party types like to claim that it was carried out by a group of disgruntled patriots rebelling against oppressive taxation and it’s become their own symbol of rebellion against what they consider an oppressive government.

Actually there were no US citizens involved in the Boston Tea Party mainly because there was no United States at the time. These were British subjects and it was a purely British thing from the get go. It was never, nor was it intended to be, an act of rebellion against against the government or even against high taxes even though it is used as a symbol for what the modern Tea Party calls those things today.

What it was, in its simplest form was a skirmish in what amounted a trade war between small businesses and entrepreneurs in the American Colonies and the almighty British East India Company and its basis was special tax breaks and other incentives that the Crown had granted to BEIC that allowed it… as Thom Hartmann alludes, just like Walmart does today… to undercut these small businesses and individuals by lowering the the price of it’s #1 commodity, tea, to levels the smaller companies couldn’t deal with and still remain in business. The colonists reacted by destroying the the shipload of BEIC tea that happened to be sitting in their harbor waiting to be unloaded.

In other words that tea was dumped in that harbor in order to break BEIC’s crown granted advantage, thereby allowing the colonists to maintain price levels they could exist on and serving notice to both the crown and the company that favoritism and cronyism and all the other isms that must necessarily be part of any capitalist society wouldn’t be tolerated. if members of the Tea Party were in any way interested in following the principles upon which the original tea party was based, they’d be hijacking Walmart freight deliveries instead of running around with misspelled hate signs, trying to intimidate ordinary citizens with war grade weaponry and burning down churches.

The original tea partiers were, just like all of the small businesses driven out by Walmart today, being exterminated by a global behemoth that already controlled trade in huge chunks over most of the known world. If all this sounds familiar that’s because except for the changes wrought by the Revolutionary War, mainly the establishment of the US as a nation unto itself not subject to the British Crown, it’s exactly the same battle still being fought today with only the names changed.

So the ironic thing is that the supposedly grass roots but extremely well financed “Tea Party” today is not made up of “little people” who think they’re carrying on a tradition of rebellion against Big business and government fostered monopolies but instead exactly the opposite.

Any “little people” involved in the movement today have actually been FURTHERING the agendas of transnational corporations against their best interests and the best interests of their fellow citizens and, encouraged by the incessant roar from corporate owned media, led to believe that they’ve been fighting a noble battle for truth, justice and the American way. They’ve actually become convinced that they’re fighting a guerrilla war against an oppressive dictatorship in the form of the US government, an entity that is wholly owned and operated by the same Wall Street entities that created and control the Tea Party itself. Axiom: When one small group controls both sides in a war, you can damned well bet that small group is going to be the only winner once it’s over.

In the meantime, Wall Street has finally brought off the ultimate strategy in any battle to establish dominion over the common people, namely, divide and conquer. It’s taken years and they’ve had to resort to some of the dirtiest tactics ever employed by any group determined to dominate another.  But by a consistent dumbing down process and massive propaganda campaigns carried out 24/7/365, they’ve managed to keep the Tea Party faithful so riled up, so misinformed, so ignorant and embedded so deeply in their ideological hatred for anything or anyone even remotely different than themselves that they have failed miserably to realize that after 30 years of helping the corporations impose their will on the people, they themselves are no better off than the people they’ve helped to put down.

They need to get it through their heads, Wall Street and megalomaniac politicians do NOT share the loot with anyone. If you’re willing to sell your fellow Americans down the drain for a ten cent an hour raise in a society where the very existence of the “upper” classes ” depends on the maintenance of an upward flow of wealth and an overwhelming desire to have EVERYTHING, don’t be surprised when even your little dime becomes necessary to the “Who can die with the most shit?” games they play up there on the levels you lack the intellectual capacity and curiosity to even dream about.

You’re not a hero, Billy Joe Bob and you never will be. You’re not a crusader, you’re not even a patriot. At your best you’re nothing but a willing dupe of the oligarchy, at your worst, you’re nothing but a bully and a thug. What the HELL makes you think that by doing Wall Street’s dirty work for them you’re somehow gaining an advantage for yourself? Fact is, you’re nothing but a pawn just like the rest of us and that’s all you’re ever going to be until you get it through your iron skull that your real enemies are NOT OTHER PAWNS like yourself but the people sitting in fancy boardrooms wearing suits that cost more than your car, eating lunches that cost more than your grocery budget for a month and deciding YOUR fate based on whatever whim they happen to have that day… JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. Seriously boy, you REALLY need to just get the hell over yourself.  If you’re not going to do anything to help win the fight against Neofeudalism at least get the hell out of the way and let those of us who actually WANT to break Wall Street’s hold on this country do what we can and for shit’s stake please… STOP HELPING THE OLIGARCHY.


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Locking the Henhouse With the Skunk Inside

Item #1.  This country is in a world of crap.  We have two parties, one of which openly carries water for, and gets paid for it by, a fascist oligarchy and the other which fund raises off pretending to fight against a takeover by a fascist oligarchy while dodging wildly to keep from having to admit that said takeover has already taken place.

And that’s it.  Those are the only choices we are given.  Those two parties produce virtually ALL of the candidates for office in our executive and legislative branches and since they’re basically two sides of the same coin and the differences between them lie only in how to carve up the rest of us, people in the lower reaches of the pecking order have been left basically with no say in how our country is run.  And some of us are getting damned tired of it.

In a recent Mic article, Thomas McKay summarizes the results of a Princeton study (Sorry, no link to the study. The Education Industry, itself part of the oligarchy, has monetized those out of my reach) that establishes the fact that the takeover by the 1% has been pretty much an accomplished fact for a while now.42d0f1cf03d8c82290e7ef1aff5df558  The chart at left shows the widening of the income gap beginning in roughly the mid 70s (baby steps) and continuing in an ever widening pattern through 2010.  Most of us are aware that the income gap widened in much the same manner and may even have increased the rate of spread over the past five years, call it from 1976 to now.

So the income gap is NOT simply a product of machinations by a single party that suddenly decided a quick buck was more important than integrity and honesty in dealing with the people. Since its inception, it has continued unabated through three Republican and two Democratic administrations and numerous rollovers and changes in both houses of congress and there is nothing or no one on the horizon to indicate that it will not continue at the same or even a faster rate no matter who we elect in 2016.

This is simply the way things are in the oligarchy that fully half the population either doesn’t believe (or pretends not to believe) exists.  It can’t help but call into question all that righteous indignation displayed by today’s left since they’ve had the same 35-40 years to realize what was going on that the rest of us have had.  It has everything to do with the modern Democratic Party’s focus on bipartisanship and compromise since it is where 35 years of those kind of tactics have led us.

3f9db8084af2e243bc97fd1dfcaceb64This chart shows even more vividly the lopsided distribution of any income gains beginning basically with the Reagan administration and again extending through 3 Republican and two Democratic administrations.  No doubt that  top 1% enjoyed an overall gain of 100 percentage points under George W. Bush, but what some people fail to realize is that their BIGGEST gains, right at 150 percentage points took place from roughly 1994 to 2000, during Bill Clinton’s watch.

So basically we have been becoming more and more an oligarchy since about 1976 and anyone who pretends not to have known that all along and who kept silent in the hope that oligarchy would somehow benefit their own portfolio… or however they measure their own position on the food chain… are a major part of the problem and can therefore never be a part of any solution as far as the bottom 20% is concerned.

And as more and more of the middle 60 percent whose real incomes… basically stagnant right now… actually start to fall, as has been going on with the bottom 20% for the past several years, maybe we’ll see someone finally waking up to the fact that when sharks run out of little fish to eat, they start eating bigger fish and that while you may be a bigger fish than me financially, to the shark you’re still just an over sized sardine.

The important thing is that we… Democrats, Republicans, Independents, whatever… do NOT continue to sit on our asses and expect anyone from either of the major political parties to fix it because it just is NOT going to happen.  The people RUNNING those major parties are simply going to get richer and we’re going to get poorer and if you don’t realize that after 35 goddamned years, it just may be that the middle class isn’t WORTH “saving”.


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Being Cynical Is No Sin

03/09/2015  As always, the basis of my own cynicism lies in the ongoing narrowing of the ideological gap between Democrats and Republicans.  While the bought and paid for, thoroughly AstroTurf Tea Party still looms large as a major factor in the downfall of democracy and freedom in this country, one can’t even contemplate the rise of Fascism in the US without stipulating the fact that it couldn’t have been accomplished without the connivance of the GOP… which freely elected to act as guest host to the Tea Party parasites who never would have made it on their own…  and, to an only somewhat lesser extent in recent years, the Democratic Party.

I’m referring to today’s Democratic party which has basically abandoned any pretense of operating on any of the principles of liberalism attributed to it in the past, principles that served to differentiate the Democratic Party sharply from the ideologies embraced and espoused by the Republicans.  A Democratic party that instead functions as a willing accomplice in the introduction of an updated and modernized version of the amalgamation of corporate and government power that was termed Fascism when Mussolini introduced it in Italy in the late 1920s and a modified version of which became the basic foundation for the system eventually imposed by the National Socialists in Germany a short while afterward.  Call it Fascism or Oligarchy (as so many of today’s Dems are wont to do) or whatever “ism” happens to float your personal boat, the result is merciless exploitation of the poor and working classes for the gain of those in positions farther up the food chain.

While we can conceivably argue about the degree to which the Democrats have moved to the right, we can no longer deny that any such shift has taken place.  For one thing, true liberals in the Democratic Party have for quite a while now been largely shunted aside by those whose agendas occupy a sphere distinctly to right of liberalism and who prefer the term “progressives”.  Progressivism itself is almost impossible to pin down as a distinct ideology because so many people use it to describe so many and widely varied agendas, positions and opinions.

The two  things common to most progressives though is that a) anyone calling themselves a progressive is infinitely preferable, in any office, to anyone deemed conservative (another term the definition of which has changed drastically in recent years) and b) none of them have any use for actual liberals.  Indeed, progressives will often attack liberals with far more vigor and venom than some of the less intellectually lazy conservatives do.

There will always be a cadre of ignorant and intellectually lazy Tea Party types still playing the “librul” card because they simply lack the intellectual capacity to realize time has passed them by and wouldn’t believe it even (or maybe especially) if the Republicans told them so.  Fact is that most Conservatives who can read above a 5th grade level and a whole lot of Progressives know that the whole system has become one big snake with a head at each end and the battle is between those two heads.  There is no other snake. No liberal snake, no socialist snake, no communist snake… that poses any threat to our two headed snake.  Pogo’s immortal line, “We has met the enemy and he is us.”, has never applied more than it does today.  Both parties are pretty much headed in the same direction, the only real question for us peons being, “How fast are we going to get to wherever the hell they’re taking us?”.

If you’ve read this far, thanks I appreciate it. Next chapter we’ll try to get into a few specifics in regard to the manner in which the two parties have become more alike along with the few clear differentiations that still exist.

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A Week In Democratic Hell

Couldn’t sleep so decided to spend some early morning time on Twitter at about 4:30 this AM.  First thing I have to say is yes, it’s been one HELL of a week.  Seven days of Watching the Democratic party slowly disintegrate.  And in some instances not so slowly as there is  relative minority that can’t wait for it to disintegrate naturally and insist on rendering it to it’s component atoms as quickly as possible.

For example, there was a running thread where in two people I follow, presumably both Democrats since they both appear to belong to the UniteBlue organization, were… probably still are… engaged in one of those juvenile little pissing contests that are part and parcel of social networking or any other form of social discourse that allows two people to interact with each other anonymously without having to be face to face with the people they’re belittling and own the words they’re saying.  Tried scrolling to see what the original argument was about but any indications had long since scrolled out of reach and now it’s the same old Peewee Herman style “I know you are but what am I?” routine extending off to the horizon, both of them claiming some kind of weird “victory” over the other and spewing hate and discontent at a pace even Rush Limbaugh would have a hard time matching.

You’d be surprised at how often that goes on among Democrats.   It’s reached the point where many… in fact most of those I associate with… Democrats on the interwebs spend more time trolling other Democrats whom they feel aren’t centrist or “pragmatic” enough,than they do battling the right wing, which is the ALLEGED “real” enemy.  I don’t suppose there is a metric by which the magnitude of the Democratic Party’s move to the right over the past 30 years can be measured with 100% accuracy but if you deny that rightward movement exists, you’re too much part of the problem to ever be part of a solution.  These Centrists and Blue Dog types are the ones I call the Republican wing of the Democratic party and their sole reason for existence seems to be , having shrunk the liberal movement to the size of Grover Norquist’s bathtub, making sure that liberals and left leaning moderates never again rise to a position from which they can assert any control or even influence over the party’s agenda.

The big takeaways for many Dems of course is that a) the “non-voters” (which for them is a dog whistle for “those damned liberals”) didn’t come out to vote and b) the candidates are to blame because they didn’t let the President do their campaigning for them.  TwitterDems point gleefully to the fact that only one senate candidate campaigned with PBO and he won.  Looking at a) one question immediately  arises.  Voter turnout in general was obscenely low, only 37&.  That means that they didn’t turn out for Republicans either, a fact simply ignored by the Democratic Tweetership.  Of that number barely more than half voted for Republican candidates. and folks, this is par for the course for Off year elections.  The president. whoever or whatever he might be, has traditionally lost congress in the second half of the second term for the last 50+ years.  I know it flies in the face of Mr. Obama’s perceived infallibility and so it’s a pill you find hard to swallow, but it’s just following a pattern that not even personal charisma and cool can overcome..

But for some obscure reason, the Democrats claim that had more people in general turned out, more of them would have been Democrats than Republicans and therefore swung the election to the Democrats.  They offer no empirical evidence for this claim of course, mainly because there isn’t any, but that narrative allows them to go on claiming that liberals and “Emos” are to blame for their humiliation and they’ll spend the next two years getting even (just like they’ve spent the last FOUR years getting even for 2010) even if it costs them the NEXT election also.  Believe me, in terms of fury, hell doesn’t even come close to a progressive Democrat who thinks he’s been scorned.

As for part b) of the equation, I don’t know where they get this notion that only one candidate “allowed” PBO to campaign for him and he won or that Wendy Davis and Alison Lundergen Grimes lost because they “ran away from the president.  I have to wonder, because  This CBS Analysis has been on the wires since the morning of November 5th and I’ve read others that all state pretty much the same thing. Some exerpts:

Wary of President Obama’s low approval ratings heading into the midterm elections, the White House limited his exposure on the campaign trail. Steering clear of the many Democratic Senate candidates running in red states where the president was particularly unpopular, Mr. Obama stuck to only blue states where he was more likely to help rather than hurt.

Hope you all caught that.  The White House itself was the entity that limited his campaign.  What is so hard to understand here? Both Grimes and Davis were running in states where PBO might actually have hurt them more than helped and HE HIMSELF was smart enough to realize this.  His “lone victory” (according to the TwitterDems) was in a state where he enjoyed a higher level of popularity and could actually help the candidate instead of possibly hurting them. But Centrists Dems are no more likely than RWs to let facts get in the way of hype and rhetoric.  As for only one candidate “embracing the president” and allowing him to tun with them, not only did PBO do the selecting of those he would or wouldn’t run with there were NINE not one as claimed by the O-bots on Twitter.

Did the president ultimately hurt the nine candidates he campaigned with in the lead-up to Election Day? That’s hard to say. He certainly didn’t help much: Five of the nine candidates lost their races, and that number could rise to six if Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy does not eke out a last-minute win in his re-election race.

So, by the morning after, Mr. Obama had already lost over half the races he DID take part in.  So much for Grimes and Davis, both running in states where half the population actually hates PBO, “throwing it all away” by “refusing” to let him campaign with them.  I realize people are unhappy about losing, especially a loss of this magnitude but dammit, clapping your hands over your ears and squawking “lalalalala”l every time someone mentions that the Democratic party and you yourselves may have played some small part in the debacle is childish and we already HAVE a party of overgrown juvenile delinquents to contend with.

So whatever Democrats.  I’ve been stomped on and ground down by BOTH major parties for the past 30 years and don’t really have a dog in the hunt anymore.  I don’t have a party and I don’t see either the Democrats or the Republicans backing away from what we might as well call the “Election Industry”  because… when billions are spent for 530 people to get jobs that supposedly pay less than 200k a year…  you can bet Wall St figures on making it back somehow… that’s all the hell it is.  If anyone ever pops up with enough balls to call for sweeping that entire nest of ugly unadulterated venality and graft that we call our capitol and anybody in it off the face of the planet, wake me up on election day and I’ll dutifully cast a vote for that person.  Otherwise, a vote for the lesser of two evils is always going to be a vote for evil and I’m tired of it being the only choice we have.


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Stupid On Steroids


Because of my health problems, I no longer have driving privileges in CA so I simply let my driver’s license lapse. I’m told that in many other states now I wouldn’t be allowed to vote because I didn’t have a picture ID issued by the state. I’m also hearing that no federal ID card is acceptable and that even VA benefits cards, which are acceptable for virtually every OTHER reason a person might need a picture ID are being denied in many states. It HAS to be a state issued ID card.

While this may or may not be an attempt at “voter suppression”, another effect is that it forces people to get an “accepted” form of ID issued by the state itself if they want to participate in our (long gone) government of the people, BY the people.

The states charge the person a fee for this “service”. So if you want to exercise your constitutionally guaranteed right to vote, you’re going to have to shell out X number of bucks to whatever state you live in in order to do it which makes it appear to be just another form of poll tax. Here in CA it would cost me at least 10% of my entire household budget for a month (IF it hasn’t gone up in the past few years since I looked into it before) and I simply can’t afford it. What the HELL is up with that?

Stupid Is As Stupid Says Department

B0Rfq4fIEAE1YWmI know that most people don’t need any reminders that this dude is an extremely and willfully ignorant individual and if the truth be known I’m having a major problem trying to find words to describe just how brain dead the man really is.  Any public figure who can stand up in front of the American people and make statements like this one seriously calls into question his qualifications for being a public figure in the first place but this one has been known not only to push the stupidity envelope hard and often but to actually take pride in his ignorance.  But then I suppose everybody has to be number one at something and being stupid is Rick Perry’s shot at it..

I find this on a par with some of the stuff that falls out of Michele Bachmann’s (whom we’ll get to momentarily) mouth every time it’s open, which is all the f’ing time.  If Rick Perry is the pride of Texas, then that poor state is so deep in crap they’ll never dig their way out.  Perry, Cruz and Screwy Louie.  God what a f’ing trio of stooges.  Way to go Texas, you’ve got the Trifecta of Stupid  going on down there.


121080136As promised.  I had no idea where to even start with this one. I think my choice for the stupidest Bachmann quote is this one: “Our movement at its core is an intellectual movement.“,  which she had the damned gall to utter at the Tea Party movement, CPAC conference, March 2014. ( )  You really need to stretch it to top pretending that there’s anything intellectual about the Tea Party for stupid but she, like the old time Vaudeville comics, has a million of them and every one of them comes pretty damned close.

I haven’t figured out yet exactly who tops who in her ongoing battle with Ultimate Grifter Sarah Palin for who can say the dumbest shit, female division, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that both of them need to be put away somewhere for their own protection and not allowed anywhere near sharp objects and that Americans with more than two firing synapses need to quit paying any attention to either one of them.


Scott Brown Is More Than Just Another Carpetbagger

 He’s also a… well… I’m not sure what else he is but according to Vanity Fair, he’s “Red Meat”.  He’s also an flipping insult to sailors everywhere but that’s a whole ‘nother story.  This dude is the smarmiest carpetbagger in the history of the nation, having gotten his ass kicked in his alleged home state of MA, whereupon he simply moved across the state line and decided to run in New Hampshire.  item3.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.scott-brownThe guy simply oozes slime from every pore and if New Hampshire elects him after his total failure in Massachusetts then they truly deserve what they’re gonna get from him because he didn’t do diddly squat for his constituents during his 1/3 term in office and promptly lost his ass when confronted by an opponent who wasn’t afraid to WORK for the seat.  First off there’s the fact that Scott Brown didn’t actually WIN in MA so much as Martha Coakley lost due to a combination of factors that she failed miserably to take note of because of pure laziness on her part.  According to William Rivers Pitt ( ) she simply assumed she had it in the bag and didn’t have to run for it.  So anyway, he got elected to serve the last two years of Ted Kennedy’s term and immediately set about leaving his tea stained footprints all over the office and sure enough, according to Mr. Pitt…

My second Scott Brown election came two all-too-short years later, because there is no gravity: the Earth just sucks. See, Ted Kennedy died midway through his six-year term, so they had to have an election to fill his seat, but then they had to have another election in 2012 when Ted would have been on the ballot for re-election, and so Scott Brown had to run again, and for the second time in two years, we were smothered by Vote For Me Because Of My Truck commercials from Scott Brown, lather, rinse, repeat.

…except, this time, Mr. Brown was forced to encompass the superior intellect of Elizabeth Warren, his Democratic opponent, and he was forced to encompass the fact that it was 2012, a presidential election year, which meant voter turnout would increase by orders of magnitude. By the time they finished hosing the blood off the walls, Elizabeth Warren was shopping for lodging in the nation’s capitol, and Mr. Brown was taking a law firm gig while doing occasional turns on Fox News.

That’s the record he’s running on in New Hampshire.  Two years of miserable failure in Massachusetts, followed by two years of relative obscurity while waiting for another senate seat to open up somewhere in the neighborhood and a couple of shots on the country’s premier right wing propaganda machine.  Not a lot there that a sane person would think qualified him for a senate seat but in a system as borked as ours is it could easily get him the office.  If it does, I’m simply going to write New Hampshire off as the Texas of the Great White North and hope that when lame-ass Texans finally get tired of mouthing about secession and decide to actually DO something for a change, they take New Hampshire with them.


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Privatized Health Care Has Nothing To Do With Health

Just about every month now, regular as clockwork, Family Health Care Network refuses to authorize a refill on at least one of my medications, picked seemingly at random, claiming the doctor wants to see me first for whatever reason.  This time it’s because their doctor who had previously signed off on that particular med no longer works there.(?)

Their basic premise? “We’re so concerned about your health that we can’t allow your prescription to be refilled until the doctor sees you. “. In spite of the fact that the doc just saw me 11 days before, knows exactly what meds I take (or better know it)  and has expressed no concern over any of them and that they can’t let me SEE said doctor for at least a month or so.

Then they make an appointment for me anywhere from 3-5 weeks down the road.  So for those up to 3-5 weeks I usually go without that particular med.  This month it’s my potassium supplement.  Without it I can’t take my Lasix which is what controls the fluid buildup around my heart (guess how important that is to a Congestive Heart Failure victim) because I’m averse to the massive muscle spasms in my legs that result from not replacing basic electrolytes lost due to Lasix use.   These two meds have been a regular twice a day fixture in my life the best part of two decades and they will be a regular fixture for the rest of my life.  But I’ve been without both for three weeks now, and still have another week to go. 

Inevitably when I DO get in to see the docs, they inevitably ask me why I’m there ( Actually doc, it’s because your employers are holding my meds hostage so they can bill Medicare for another appointment) and then they just automatically… without any discussion about the med in question or its effects on me… walk me to the front desk and have the same front desk people who denied the refill call the drug store and tell them to go ahead and authorize it.  Seriously leads me to believe that my doctor was never even personally aware any of this was taking place.

I already had an appointment for May 19th.  My doctor had made it when she had seen me just 11 days before all this, knowing full well at the time that I took potassium as a counter to electrolyte imbalances caused by the Lasix.  (Not only do I take my bag of pill bottles to appointments at their request but she’s authorized refills of this med at least twice before.)  But when they pulled this (for the third month in a row now) I naturally wanted to move it up to as soon as possible.   It would be impossible for me NOT to do without these two drugs for very long and I’m already feeling the effects of not having them in increased shortness of breath, degraded motor functions and vertigo and dizzy spells. 

Took several minutes of the girl digging through the appointment list before she found a cancellation for May 1st at which time I, a congestive heart failure patient, will have been without my Lasix for almost a month. Would have been for going on two months otherwise but this is the best they could do.

THIS is what privatization and the subsequent monetization of public health care has meant to my demographic.  People who keep blathering on about private industry doing everything cheaply and more efficiently need to live with the results of that kind of thinking for… oh, a year or two would probably be enough… instead of just automatically believing whatever Fox News says just because hey, they’re Fox News.  It’s easy to sit there and mouth debunked 1980s screeds about it, not so much to have deal with it face to face every single day.

These companies that provide these services aren’t there to maximize service to the public.  They’re there to maximize return on investment for their shareholders.  Anything and everything else is subordinate to that one purpose for their existence.  They’re not in the business for their health (or yours either, apparently), hence the sometimes one to two hour waits for a 4-5 minute session.  There’s also the fact that they’re making these unnecessary appointments when they don’t have enough staff to keep up with what they have which is one of the main reasons for the long waits, short visits and cattle call assembly line procedures in the first place.. 

These kinds of practices not only don’t serve the patient, they actually endanger the well being of the patient. I’m seriously beginning to question the “First do no harm” rule I learned in my first EMT class.  Maybe it ought to be updated to “First do no harm unless it increases ROI for the investors“.  Then it would fit into today’s concept of health “care” a whole bunch better.

People we’ve got to demand more transparency and accountability from our executive branch no matter WHO happens to be living in the White House. Privatized health care is a blatant scam and I can’t find a single government agency that will even talk about it.  While you focus almost solely on voting out RWs in congress, representatives of this Democrat administration are sliding huge chunks of the corporate agenda into place that will be almost impossible to dislodge when and if America ever comes to its senses and that have nothing whatsoever to do with either congress or the GOP. 

Doesn’t it ever occur to you that the real reason the Tea Party was created in the first place was just to keep you looking the other way while Wall Street got in through the back door?  At least think about it. 


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Personality Types and Politics

Personality Types and Politics.

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